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Avatar: Lovelifeandtpose024 avatar.png
Discord: emanresU#1945
YouTube: Incognito

Hey, welcome to my user page! I try to create tracks with original/unique themes. If you find any issues within my tracks, feel free to tell me!

I originally started involving myself in custom track creation in 2017; however, I was impatient and would have my tracks always crash. I eventually gave up and started working with Super Smash Bros Brawl modeling. I was unaware of Discord, the Wiiki, and assumed track creators were always few and far between, with no method to contact them. Then, in 2018, I returned back to custom track creation and joined a custom track creators server on Discord, which I found on a Mario Kart Wii website. I was made aware of this site and got to know many other creators. I initially worked with SketchUp, but grew more and more frustrated with how slow and clunky it could be. I knew of Blender's existence for a few years but found it too difficult. However, I transitioned to it in the course of several months by challenging myself to learn it, replacing parts of creation in SketchUp with creation in Blender. I finally was able to master it during the creation of Castle of Hope. And, well, here we are today!


In light of recent (and not so recent) events, I have decided to outline some statements about my works:

  • If you want to update one of my tracks, or make a texture hack or edit of one of them, please ask for permission. The best method currently is to contact me through Discord. However, I usually do these things myself (with some exceptions).
  • I highly discourage taking models from my tracks, or using custom objects I have made (may release some objects free to use later on). This is partially to protect my own work, but mostly to encourage creators to learn to make their own assets. There are great channels on YouTube, such as Grant Abbitt's low poly modeling videos or Imphenzia, that can teach you. If you do end up using them, list me in the credits section of your track page.
  • Any unreleased tracks of mine (which do not have a page on the Wiiki) can neither be leaked nor used in a distribution, because I consider them unfinished and not my best work.

Unfinished Business

Type Name Updates/Fixes planned Status
Update Nuclear Winter Delfino Plaza Visual improvements, gameplay changes Collision and KMP needs to be finished.
Custom Mario Kart Wii's Secret Finishing the track KMP and some custom object work needs to be finished.
Custom Collapsing Castle Track Creating the track The track needs a new layout, so I will need to start from scratch.
Update Under the Dreadnought Major gameplay changes, visual improvements Layout is finished.
Update Torrential Treetops Fixing bumpiness I have yet to update it, but it should not be difficult.
Custom Eternity's Edge Creating the track I only have the layout done, as this is an unfinished Custom Track Jam entry (I made Mario Circuit - RTX On as a joke instead, since I was busy with school). Not sure if I even will make this.