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Avatar: Lovelifeandtpose024 avatar.png
Discord: emanresU#1945

Hey, welcome to my user page! I try to create tracks with original/unique themes. If you find any issues within my tracks, feel free to tell me! If you want to update one of my tracks, or make a texture hack or edit of one of them, please ask for permission.

I originally started involving myself in custom track creation in 2017; however, I was impatient and would have my tracks always crash. I eventually gave up and started working with Super Smash Bros Brawl modeling. I was unaware of Discord, the Wiiki, and assumed track creators were always few and far between, with no method to contact them. Then, in 2018, I returned back to custom track creation and joined a custom track creators server on Discord, which I found on a Mario Kart Wii website. I was made aware of this site and got to know many other creators. I initially worked with SketchUp, but grew more and more frustrated with how slow and clunky it could be. I knew of Blender's existence for a few years but found it too difficult. However, I transitioned to it in the course of several months by challenging myself to learn it, replacing parts of creation in SketchUp with creation in Blender. I finally was able to master it during the creation of Castle of Hope. And, well, here we are today!

My Creations/Collaborations

Type Name Status/Version
Remake Seasonal Circuit v3.0
Remake Beagle Plains v2.0
For Fun Mario Circuit but the Floor is Lava (Mario Circuit Edit) v1.0
Custom Castle of Hope v1.5.03
Custom Torrential Treetops v1.0
For Fun Luigi's Platform 1.0
For Fun Grubhub Ad but it's in Mario Kart Wii v1.0
Custom Track Jams / Turbo Jams competition entry Under the Dreadnought Beta
Custom Track Jams / Turbo Jams competition entry Nuclear Winter Delfino Plaza v1.0
By the same author: Lovelifeandtpose024

Original Tracks:
Castle of HopeTorrential TreetopsLuigi's PlatformGrubhub Ad but it's in Mario Kart Wii1-1 but it's in Mario Kart Wii

Remade Tracks:
Seasonal CircuitBeagle Plains

Track Edits:
Mario Circuit but the Floor is Lava

Track Distributions:
Shortcut Practice Pack

Publicly Available Custom Track Jams Entries:
Under the DreadnoughtSherbet Ice Shelf

Publicly Available Turbo Jams Entries:
Nuclear Winter Delfino Plaza