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Hi, I am Elemental, also known as Mr Apple Tramwau64. I am a 13-year-old Mario Kart Wii modder and player. I like to make custom tracks based on ideas that I have, and I also participate in Custom Track Jams. Also keep an eye out for Tramwau Kart Wii 👀

Custom Tracks I made


Name What it is
Festival Path First released track. Utter garbage. Might remake someday.
Purple Comet First track that works on VS mode. Might fix the minimap someday.
Moe's Path First track with a cannon. Might move the cannon point someday.
Polar Park My best track imho. Still need to fix the half-pipe ramps.
Porcelain Speedway Initially a minimap test, but evolved into something more serious. I know how to fix the map, but I just need to get around to it.
Red Sea Resort Collab with Luigi Story and Potatoman44 for the most recent Jam. There are several KCL bugs.
SNES Rainbow Road uhyep

In progress / Unreleased

Name What it is
Forest in a Canyon My Canyon Jam track. Need to fix the item routes as they currently cause Slow Motion Bug.
=3 (Remake) My first remake. The course model needs fixing atm.
Nameless Island I'm excited for this track! Still very early in development.
Waluigi's Rainbow Detour First ever Jam track by someone outside the server. I think it's pretty much ready, just gotta remember to release it :I


Name What it was
Elemental's Test Spaceway Modeled months ago, never finished.
Brown Rock Course Originally made as a Turbo Jam track, but I couldn't figure out how to make the course model within the time limit.
Jungle Canyon Test track. Accidentally pasted over the only existing SZS of it when testing Festival Path.
Bean Circuit Intended as a submission for KiwiPowerGreen's Cursed Jams. SZS got corrupted due to Wiimms SZS Tools being a blithering idiot.
Frigid Raceway Another test track. Met the same fate as Jungle Canyon when I was testing Purple Comet.
Snowy Canyon Intended for the sixteenth CT Jam, but the SZS got corrupted.
By the same author: Elemental

Custom Tracks:
Festival PathPurple CometMoe's PathPolar ParkPorcelain SpeedwayThe Glitch's Lair

Retro Tracks:
SNES Rainbow Road

Red Sea Resort (with Luigi Story and Potatoman44)

Elemental's Music Pack

In-Progress Distributions:
Tramwau Kart Wii