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The THP filetype is used for videos in most Wii games, including Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This is a list of videos that can be used. To create THPs, you need some files from the Revolution SDK, which is not legal to distribute. You need THPConv.exe and dsptool.dll.


THP Creation Tutorial (Smash World Forums)

Note that THPCreate.bat will ask you for four things: the name of the sequence of JPEGS (without numbers), the output destination, the audio filename and the framerate.

Also note, that if you're replacing title_XXX.thp, it should be 70.9 seconds long (about 1 minute, 11 seconds).


n = Incorrect filename
HD = No SD version (renaming works, add "_SD")
SD = No HD version (renaming works, remove "_SD")
5 = 50hz only (no 60hz version, can be renamed to work)
6 = 60hz only (no 50hz version, can be renamed to work)
Video Info
S = Not proper resolution (still works)
N = NTSC resolution (576x416)
P = PAL resolution (640x464)
d = Audio Desync
< = Length is too short
> = Length is too long
L = Video is looped
T = Title Screen video
C = VS Course/Cup Selection Screen Video
B = Battle Course/Cup Selection Screen Video
b = Battle Mode Selection Screen Video
D = Drift Selection Screen Video
M = Title Screen Mode Selection Video
V = Team/Solo VS Selection Video

List of THPs

Please sort this list alphabetically! Also, if you're replacing a video, try to include all versions of that video (for example, title.thp and title_SD.thp). Also note that if you're playing on 50hz (standard PAL mode), some videos have a different name (title_50.thp and title_SD_50.thp). Simply rename any downloaded files to match your video mode. IF you're not sure, you'll need all four. A complete list of usable names is here. The 'Notes' column will tell you what videos it can replace, and anything else about the video.
Title THP Author Video Author Notes Resolution Framerate Preview Download
Mode Selection SY24 Nintendo & SY24 HD/6/P/L/M 640x480 29.97 No preview MediaFire
Pokémon XY&Z Intro (Japanese, shorter) SY24 The Pokémon Company International HD/6/P/L/T 640x480 29.97 YouTube MediaFire
Party Hard (Solo or Team) SY24 iblali HD/6/P/</L/V 640x480 29.97 Preview 1 Preview 2 MediaFire

Wii Layout Editor

Gericom is working on a Wii Layout Editor which will have an AVI to THP converter in Beta2. The Revolution SDK isn't needed anymore then. If you need a THP, you can send Gericom an UNCOMPRESSED AVI and he will try to convert it for you.