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Hello everybody! I'm TacoJosh, and I am a custom track creator. I use Sketchup to create tracks, but I do have some knowledge with Maya. Feel free to ask for modeling help. My goal in the Mario Kart Wii modding community is to hopefully remake classic old tracks and modernize them for today's standards. I also would like to create some original unique concepts.

If you need to contact me, my Discord is TacoJosh#6376

Custom Tracks

Track Type Current Version Status
Digitally Enhanced Remake v2.0 Completed, no plans for updates.
FZMV Cloud Carpet Remake v1.1 Plans for a new remake.
Honeybee Hideout Original v1.1 Completed
Ghostly Garden Original In Development A track that is based on a haunted conservatory and outdoor garden. This was originally planned to be a remake of Haunted Woods. Work in Progress Video
GBA Cheese Land Retro Remake On Hold A remake in the style of Mario Kart 8's GBA Cheese Land.


  • An F-Zero track that closely resembles the Mario Kart 8 F-Zero tracks.
  • A Subway/Metro track that takes place underground in a subway system.
  • An industrial track that goes through factories.
  • A Garbage Dump track
  • Red Rock Ranch
By the same author: TacoJosh

Custom Tracks:
Honeybee Hideout

Remade Tracks:
Digitally EnhancedFZMV Cloud Carpet