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Hello everybody! I am TacoJosh and I am a custom track creator. I am an Animation student so I typically work with Autodesk Maya. I am also fairly experienced in Sketchup. I hope to create some new tracks and hopefully fulfill ideas that I've had. Of course, I have pretty high standards, so I spend lots of time on modeling to make a track look good so do not expect me to release tracks frequently. If you need assistance, I can give you help with modeling, but please do not request me to make stuff for you.

If you need to contact me, my Discord is TacoJosh#6376

Custom Tracks

Here's a list of released and planned custom tracks. My goal is to create 8 original tracks, but at the pace I'm working at, doubt it.

I'm not much of a Mario Kart Wii player, so don't expect any of these tracks to be good.

Track Type Current Version Status Modeling Software Used
Digitally Enhanced Remake v2.0 Completed, no plans for updates. Sketchup
FZMV Cloud Carpet Remake v1.1 Completed, no plans for updates. Sketchup
Honeybee Hideout Original v1.3 Completed Sketchup and Maya
Snowbound Slopes Original Beta Needs cameras and shadows. Probably will not update. Maya
Ghostly Garden Original In Development A track that is based on a haunted conservatory and outdoor garden. This was originally planned to be a remake of Haunted Woods. Currently in modeling phase. Work in Progress Video Sketchup and Maya
Junkyard Junction Original In Development An industrial track. Currently in modeling phase. Maya
GBA Cheese Land Retro Remake Delayed A complete remake based off of Mario Kart 8's GBA Cheese Land. This track is low priority. Maya


  • A Subway/Metro track that takes place underground in a subway system.
  • Basalt Basin, an icy/hot themed track.
  • A Christmas-themed track.
By the same author: TacoJosh