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Avatar: Justinmiiavatar.jpg
Discord Tag: Justin#9780
Spotify: JJXON
Twitch: JustinMKWii
Youtube: Justin


What's up, I'm Justin and I'm a competitive player who makes tracks from time to time. Other names I'm known for are JustinMKWii, Justin (Wheel), and JJXON.

Feel free to update/remake any of my tracks. If you need any help, let me know on Discord.

Custom Tracks

Custom Tracks
Track Version Update Planned? Notes
Daydream v2.1 Yes I plan to fix some texturing errors along with making the track drive a little smoother.
Petite City v1.2 No If I touch this track at all, it'll have to be a remake.
Block Cave v1.1 No Any updates at this point will serve as tests to try out new things.
Coin Runner Circuit v1.1 Maybe Not sure if I will update this, but I'd like to remodel the Block Plaza section and spend more time on the visuals and objects.
Wii Shop Raceway v1.0 No Not too interested in this track but I'd like to make another shopping track like this with 3DS, Wii U, and Switch eShop elements.
Cavern Escapade v1.0 No I don't have much interest in the track.
Dark Matter Fortress v1.7.2 No Maybe I'll come around when I'm better at making CTs and breathe some new ideas into the track, but for now I don't have anything planned. If anyone knows how to port are re-create the skybox from Bowser's Dark Matter Plant, let me know because I have an interest in figuring that out.
Wario's Crumbled Colosseum v1.0 Yes I'll most likely remove the big shortcut and polish the track slightly as I think this track has potential to be better.
The Very First Christmas v12.25 No It's perfect.
CT Jam Festival Beta Maybe I'm not too inspired to update this atm but I'd like to upscale it eventually.
Bowser's Dark Castle v1.0 Yes I would like to make some model changes to make this generally smoother to drive along with a possible lightmap to make the castle not so dark and make the overall appearance cleaner.

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