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Custom Track Jam
Latest Theme: Technology
Latest Jam: 2020-11-18
Season: 3
Jam: 5
Total Jams: 15
Discord Server: Custom Track Jams


Custom Track Jam (better known as CT Jam) is a competition where participants have a designated amount of time to create a Custom Track related to a theme.

Choosing a Theme

The theme is chosen partly by the participants, and partly by the CT Jam Discord Bot, CJ. The Bot generates five themes at random, and the participants vote on one of the themes. After the theme is decided, the CT Jam will start!

The Aftermath

When the time is up, players will then send their custom track (as a SZS file) directly to the Host of the Custom Track Jam. The track files will then be displayed for voting, hiding the information about the author's identity. People can then play the tracks themselves, and vote on their favorite track. The track, therefore the author, with the most votes wins the CT Jam!


Each season of Custom Track Jams lasts for five Jams, with every fifth Jam being a co-op Jam. After each season, the overall leaderboard will be archived and reset. The winner of the CT Jam season will be able to pick the theme of the first jam in the next season.

CT Jam Rules

1. No teaming up (unless stated otherwise, such as for a Co-op Jam).
2. You cannot use any 3D models created before the CT Jam for the Jam.
3. You can only use your own models.
4. You can use Nintendo objects.
5. Custom objects must be made by you.
6. Submission must be a Mario Kart Wii Custom Track.


CT Jam Trailer
Latest CT Jam Results

CT Jam Leaderboard

Series Leaderboard
Place User Score
1st Toxic Prime 1091 pts
2nd JDS 913 pts
3rd Hman6516 833 pts
4th JadenMKW 726 pts
5th Zatchi 638 pts
6th DryBowser 588 pts
7th Sheale 584 pts
8th SlipperyMac 565 pts
9th BillyNoodles 523 pts
10th KHacker35000vr 489 pts
11th riidefi 455 pts
12th Bear 454 pts
13th SpyKid 442 pts
14th Justin 416 pts
15th _tZ 336 pts
16th TacoJosh 329 pts
17th KevinVG207 328 pts
18th Lovelifeandtpose024 310 pts
19th JorisMKW 308 pts
20th Bruh de la Boi 298 pts
21st Rex 282 pts
22nd bugsy 266 pts
23rd Warwick92xD 251 pts
24th Ayoraster 243 pts
25th Yoshii 221 pts
26th Luigi Story 173 pts
27th FunkyDude15 170 pts
27th NintenYoshi 170 pts
27th Noia 170 pts
27th Remurin 170 pts
31st ALPHAMARIOX 167 pts
32nd Ferv 159 pts
33rd Jasperr 149 pts
34th KartoffelKorps 137 pts
35th Clipeus 130 pts
36th JoeyMK 120 pts
37th Retrostyle12 102 pts
38th Aidan190903 96 pts
38th oh ok 96 pts
40th YoshTaku 90 pts
41st Maxi 85 pts
41st Okin 85 pts
41st Varemi 85 pts
44th Der Der 82 pts
45th Slimeserver 80 pts
46th CarryOn 74 pts
46th Whipinsnapper 74 pts
48th Ptpix1 73 pts
48th Rosalina Speedruns 73 pts
50th Demonz 68 pts
51st KiwiPowerGreen 43 pts
51st Potatoman44 43 pts
53rd Rz 28 pts
54th malkin8 24 pts
55th EmmanuelBoom 21 pts
56th Stunky 19 pts

Season 3 Leaderboard

Season 2 Leaderboard

Season 1 Leaderboard

Leaderboard made by Hman6516 and calculated by SlipperyMac.

CT Jam History

Season 3 Jam 5: Technology
Place Track Author
1st Wario's Cosmic Construction JadenMKW, NintenYoshi
2nd Orbital Outpost Ferv, TacoJosh
3rd Adrastea Station riidefi, Zatchi
4th Modern City Sights JorisMKW, KHacker35000vr
5th Chompworks Bruh de la Boi, Lovelifeandtpose024
6th Cybernetic Crescent Sheale, Toxic Prime
7th Electric Avenue DryBowser, Hman6516
8th Circuit Boardway Aidan190903, oh ok
9th Unfinished Steel Structure Warwick92xD
10th 8-Bit Way CarryOn, Whipinsnapper
11th Technical Loop JoeyMK, Luigi Story
12th Tech Tube Town Rex
13th Blue Screen Boost KiwiPowerGreen
14th Hard Drive Der Der, KartoffelKorps
15th Lugi Cicruit EmmanuelBoom
16th Yoshi's Gaming PC SlipperyMac, Yoshii

Season 3 Special Jam: Halloween + Ruins
Place Track Author
1st CT Cemetery riidefi
2nd Haunted Library Zatchi
3rd Wicked Woods KevinVG207
4th Nameless Track Sheale
5th Wario's Crumbled Colosseum Justin
6th Ruined Rainbow Road Toxic Prime
7th Where Sacrifices Went to Die DryBowser
8th The Oldest and Scariest Track in CTGP SlipperyMac

Season 3 Jam 3: Paper
Place Track Author
1st Karts & Crafts Bruh de la Boi
2nd Paper Car and Bicycles BillyNoodles
3rd Vellumental Trail DryBowser
4th Papyrophobia Toxic Prime
5th The Origami Road KHacker35000vr
6th (Tie) Drawn City Okin
6th (Tie) Origami Thrash Arts Warwick92xD
8th (Tie) Paper JoeyMK
8th (Tie) Paper Raceway ALPHAMARIOX
10th Doodle Land Potatoman44
11th Floating Paperway Rz
12th Black Paper World Luigi Story

Season 3 Jam 2: Magic
Place Track Author
1st Forest of Magic Zatchi
2nd Mystical Marsh Jasperr
3rd Carpet Spires Toxic Prime
4th Floating Fortress bugsy
5th Alatric Territory Varemi
6th Wizard Way DryBowser
7th Mystical Mountain KartoffelKorps
8th Magic Track Warwick92xD

Season 3 Jam 1: Underwater
Place Track Author
1st Drip-Drop Cavern Zatchi
2nd (Tie) Flooded Mario Circuit _tZ
2nd (Tie) Jungle Beach bugsy
4th Wet Wet Ruins JadenMKW
5th Filthy Pond Clipeus
6th Abandoned Aquarium JDS
7th Deep-Sea Drive ALPHAMARIOX
8th Wonders of the Sunken Sanctuary Toxic Prime
9th Aqua City YoshTaku
10th Icy Cavern Slimeserver
11th Blooper's Aquarium DryBowser
12th Ghastly Abyss Warwick92xD
13th Sea Cave Speedway Der Der
14th Calm Before the Storm Yoshii
15th Suichuu KevinVG207
16th Flooded Metropolis KartoffelKorps
17th Flooded Water Caves Luigi Story

Season 2 History

Season 1 History