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YouTube: Warwick92xD
Discord: Warwick92xD#1212

About the author

Making custom tracks is something I like to do. It's better than playing the 32 regular tracks over and over again. More difficult tracks, crazy maps, are refreshing to me. I make retro tracks, custom tracks and custom characters about my favorite videogames, anime cartoons, series and movies.


  • Don't edit my KCL (collision).
  • I use invisible walls and fall boundaries to block unwanted shortcuts.
  • Players should follow the road to get a lap count, instead of taking unintended glitchy shortcuts. They will not get a lap count.
  • Players need to use a mushroom/star to drive over offroad.
  • The bullet could have a shortcut on my tracks.
  • KMP issues,bugs and CT's that need LEX file to prevent/fix item dissapear online can be fixed without asking me.

Warwick92xD's Custom Tracks

  • My custom tracks don't have the slow motion bug offline and online, because of an optimized model.
  • If someone wants to update or collaborate with me, contact me on Discord, Youtube or Facebook.
  • Don't delete or edit my logo if you have permission to update one of my custom tracks.
  • Keep the custom tracks on its assigned slot to prevent problems.

Tips for playing my custom tracks

  • Pay attention to the minimap, so you don't get lost.
  • Try decelerating (releasing A/2) or even braking (only holding B) when trying to make a sharp corner.
  • jumping is very useful for braking, dodging, avoiding colliding with walls or taking curves.
  • Not all turns on my custom tracks are friendly for every single vehicle.