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YouTube: Warwick92xD
DIscord: Warwick92xD(CT Creator)#1295

About the author

The autor do this custom tracks wanted diferent things,more hard tracks,new crazy maps, without repeat mario tracks series and without use the same original textures of the game because a lot of people are using always the same original textures of the game MKWII.

  • The autor Will do Remakes and Custom Tracks about his favorites videogames,anime cartoons, series and characters.


I DONT WANT SHORCUTS FOR PLAYERS you will found invisible walls, falls, offroad and more thing to prevent shorcuts, only the items maybe can have a shorcut like billy ball. (I don't like use shorcuts it's boring for me).

Bugs,Mistakes,Online,Lagg,Glitch, feel free to coment here without being toxic. Write the name of the track with the trouble.

My Custom Tracks

W92xD's Testing Tracks

  • 03/09/2020 I'm still working on the tracks,are incomplete, i need finish to add shaders and animated textures,
  • I need help with custom objects ,shadows, light And shine effect, objects route, Vertex,texture mapping*.
  • I need more ideas for some simple tracks(Metal Road,curved circuit,acueduct egypt,blue field,wavyroad,icicle frost),I am not satisfied with this tracks*.

16 beta custom tracks as shown by the video.

16 custom tracks exhibition