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Hello, I've been playing Mario Kart Wii since December of 2010 and modding since 2012. Please ask first before doing anything to my tracks.

Online Information
Old @'s: mkwzak, Vortex,
Xortev, Zak, PurpleX, Zaiai
Discord: Zai#6768
Custom Track List
Name Status Date of First Release Date of Latest Release Note
Ghost Road ALPHA released 2013-01-17 2013-01-17
Ice Creek v1.0 released
(by Okin)
2015-06-24 2018-09-19 Animations by Pepo 2000. Thank you!
Friandise Cookieway
(with Maxi)
v1.2 released
(by Ptpix1)
2015-07-27 2018-12-24
Sweet Sweet Universe BETA.ctjam released 2021-01-30 2021-01-30 Won 1st place in BillyNoodles' 18th edition of CT Jams.

By the same author: Zai