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Hello everyone, I'm Luigi Story, 17 years old, birthday on 20th January and from Germany. I always wanted to be a Custom Track Creator because I always found it quite interesting what People can create with just some softwares, so I wanted to try it to. Happy that I've found my way here. Hope you'll enjoy my tracks that I'll create in the future. Have fun with them^^. Also if you want to Update my tracks, please go ahead. You don't need my permission to do so or if you really need it: You officially have the permission to Update my tracks/make Track edits out of them. If you still don't think it's enough, here's my Discord so you can ask me there: Luigi Story#4740. I would be very happy if you people Update my tracks if you are able to. You can also add them to Distrubutions if you like them that much (again without my Permission). You can also post them on the belonging page right after.