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About me

Jasperr / Spyro
Jasperr's Profile Picture.png
Jasperr Mii.png
Youtube S̷.
Twitch S_pyx
Discord Jasperr#1337
Discord Server Spyro's Den
Twitter Spyr_x

Hi, I'm Jasperr, more widely known as Spyro. I'm 17, and a texture hacker and custom track creator from New Zealand.
If you wish to update my tracks, talk to me about it on Discord.
I will not respond to anything said on my Talk page, so if there's an issue, you also talk to me on Discord.
I do not accept track requests.


Further mods I make, will not be made public, excluding custom tracks.
Any textures or edits I make will not be open for public use, nor will they be given out when asked for.

Inspirational Creators:

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