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Avatar: Citrus' Profile Picture.jpg
Youtube: Citrus
Discord: Citrus#7542

I'm Citrus, and I am a custom track creator. I have not been very active in the community before now, but I have several ideas for new custom tracks that I want to create in the near future. I've got Discord now so you can use that to contact me. I also read my Youtubecomments. If you want to update a track I made, ask me first. I'm especially open to updates that would fix bugs or improve other technical things.

About Me

I have been a Nintendo gamer all my life and am a big fan of the Mario and Zelda series. I rediscovered Mario Kart Wii in 2018 when I was exploring the world of Wii modding. Before that, I had done some 3D modeling, but not with Blender or Sketchup. I tried to make a custom track with Sketchup then, but I wasn't very successful. Fast forward to 2020, when I decided to learn to use Blender once and for all. It was a long process, but it was worth it as I finally completed my first custom track, Jungle Glade, in September of 2020. That's where the story ends for now... further bulletins as events warrant!

By the same author: Citrus

Custom Tracks:
Jungle Glade

Character Textures:
Blue Green Daisy on Mach Bike