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Avatar: JorisMKW Profile Pic.png
YouTube: JorisMKW
Discord: JorisMKW#5475
Skype: Joris.jv.2000

Hello, I am Joris and I am a 17 year old texture hacker and custom track creator from the Netherlands. I have been active in the Mario Kart Wii modding community since 2013. I'm trying to create tracks in which it's easy to understand where you have to go, so people don't get screwed the first time they play them. I hope you like my work! I appreciate feedback, so I can improve my tracks.

My Custom Tracks


Name Version
Autumn Forest V1.2
Birthday Party V2.0
Goomba Cave V1.0
Lava Lake V1.0
Desert Raceway V2.0
Sunset Rocks V2.1
The Nether V1.0
Desert Fort V1.2
Grassland Lake V1.0

Currently working on

Name Status
Desert Fort remake Still modelling and figuring out how to create custom tracks using 2017 tools.

Upcoming projects

Name Description
Ghetto Geldrop A custom track based on a town in the Netherlands.
Goomba Cave remake Add animations, redo some sections.
Grassland Lake remake Add animations, add some shortcuts.

Texture Hacks


Name Version
Koopa Ruins V1.0
Autumn Falls V1.0
Blue Castle V1.0
Volcanic Stadium V1.0
Wario's Ice Mine V2.0
Green Circuit V2.0
Grassland Circuit V1.0
Christmas Garden V1.1
Snow Beach V2.0
Night Toad's Factory V1.0
Night Wario's Gold Mine V1.0
Grassland Resort V1.1
Lunar Path V1.0
Sunset Valley V1.0
Midnight Gorge V1.0
Choco Summit V1.0
Night Desert V1.0
Starlight Castle V1.0