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Avatar: BillyNoodles Avatar.jpg
YouTube: BillyNoodles
Discord: BillyNoodles#9092

Hello there! My name is BillyNoodles and I make custom tracks for Mario Kart Wii. I make Texture hacks occasionally too. I've been in the Mario Kart Community since 2010 and I started making texture hacks in 2012, all of them are unreleased at the moment except for Mountain Gorge. I learned how to and started making Custom Tracks in early 2015, and I started making decent ones only recently. I really enjoy making custom tracks and I don't plan to stop soon.

Texture Hacks

Name Texture Hack Of
Mountain Gorge Mushroom Gorge

Custom Tracks

Name Status/Version Date Released
Bowser's Castle 9001 v1 2016-09-11
Gingivitis Is Bad v1 2016-09-10
Nature's Run v1 2016-09-11
Midnight Starway v1 2017-19-06
Bowser Multiverse v1 2016-09-25
The Loop of Shoobity Boop v1 2016-11-12
The Greatest Vegetarian Diet v1 2016-12-16
4374928374 v1 2016-12-16
Bowser's Lava Park v1 2017-02-20
Valley Pathway v1 2017-03-19
Race v0.1337 2017-07-01
Mushroom Parkway v0.01 2017-08-07
Acid Factory v1 2017-08-29
Space Mountain v1 2017-12-23
Bowser's Courtyard v1 2018-01-26
Mushroom Spaceway v2 2018-02-26

Custom Tracks I Helped Make

Name Status/Version Date Released
Abandoned Pipeyard v2 2017-06-12
The Name Of This CT Is An Entire Sentence v1 2017-04-14
Dry Island v1 2017-01-22
Toxic Labs v1 2017-09-06
Bowser's Stronghold v1 2017-10-01
Rainbow Speedway v1 2018-02-11
Speed Stadium v1 2018-02-16

Upcoming Custom Tracks and Projects

Here is some information about the custom tracks I'm planning, updating or creating right now.

In Progress

  • Anthro Valley - A custom track that has a river section, a mountain section, and a village section. Currently in the texturing phase.
  • Planetary Ruins - In the testing phase


Featured Videos

My Custom Track Tutorial