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Avatar: BillyNoodles Profile Avatar.png
YouTube: BillyNoodles
Discord: BillyNoodles#9092

Hello there! My name is BillyNoodles and I make mods for Mario Kart Wii. I've been in the Mario Kart Community since 2010 and I started making texture hacks in 2012, all of them are unreleased at the moment except for Mountain Gorge. I learned how to and started making Custom Tracks in early 2015, and I started making decent ones only recently. I tend to not update stuff as frequently as I should, but when I do put out an update it's usually a pretty big one. I would like for you to tell me if you're going to make a big update on one of my projects, because I may be working on something with it already or have plans for it.

Texture Hacks

Name Texture Hack Of
Mountain Gorge Mushroom Gorge

Custom Vehicles

Name Date Released
Tesla Cybertruck 2019-12-03


Name Date Released
Automatic SZS Extractor 2018-07-29
PackDev 2018-11-10

Custom Tracks

Name Date Released
Bowser's Castle 9001 2016-09-11
Gingivitis Is Bad 2016-09-10
Nature's Run 2016-09-11
Midnight Starway 2017-19-06
Bowser Multiverse 2016-09-25
Shoobity Boop 2016-11-12
Overnight Road 2016-12-16
Deserted Mountain 2016-12-16
Bowser's Lava Park 2017-02-20
Valley Pathway 2017-03-19
River Plains 2017-07-01
Mushroom Parkway 2017-08-07
Acid Factory 2017-08-29
Space Mountain 2017-12-23
Bowser's Courtyard 2018-01-26
Mushroom Spaceway 2018-02-26
Planetary Ruins 2018-03-11
Delfino Bay 2018-06-01


Name Date Released
Abandoned Pipeyard 2017-06-12
Mushroom Garden 2017-04-14
Dry Island 2017-01-22
Toxic Labs 2017-09-06
Bowser's Stronghold 2017-10-01
Rainbow Speedway 2018-02-11
Speed Stadium 2018-02-16
Anthro Valley 2018-02-25
Bowser's Spaceway 2018-04-14
Magma Chamber 2018-04-26
Crazy Chasm 2019-07-01


Name Original Release Date
Something Circuit 2017-05-01