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YouTube: JDS
Discord: JDS#6612

G’day! I’m a Mario Kart Wii enthusiast from Sydney, Australia. I have been entertained by the idea of designing my own custom tracks ever since I picked up the game back in 2010. In January 2019, I released my first custom track called Cascade Jungle. More recently, I’ve enjoyed discovering Blender (version 2.8 particularly) as a much more powerful and much less tedious alternative to SketchUp. It makes me very happy when people play or add my custom tracks to their distributions. I also greatly appreciate positive/constructive feedback.

Currently, I am working on an autumn/winter themed track as well as an update for Cascade Jungle (shortening, adding colours and shadows). I’ve also been considering creating my own CT-creation tutorial series on YouTube. This would focus on Blender 2.8 as the 3D modelling tool and include parts dedicated to adding shadows, vertex colours and post-effects.


Custom Tracks

Name Status/Version Date Released
Cascade Jungle v1.0 2019-01-05
By the same author: JDS

Custom Tracks:
Cascade Jungle