Horror Mansion

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Horror Mansion
Author: xBlue98
Version: v2.4.1a
Release date: 2016-02-18
Editors used: 3ds Max, BrawlBox, KMP Cloud, SketchUp, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de
Download: Wiimms WBZ


Horror Mansion is a mansion course. The race starts inside the mansion, then there's a graveyard and pond section to cross. At the middle of the track there's a library area with moving mouses to avoid, and at the end there are two ways to take; the first one let the players to go through some ghostly dancers and a King Boo, the second one goes in a dark underground crypt, where are buried the old owners of the mansion.

This track comes with the custom music: Luigi's Mansion - Main Theme


Custom objects


Currently no media

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Preview 2013-11-04 Start of development
Beta 2013-11-30 First release
Beta 2 2013-12-07
  • Improved intro cameras
  • Slow Motion Bug reduced
  • More objects added (red torches, more chandeliers)
  • Some routes slightly changed
  • Some half-pipe ramps added
  • A cannon replaces one ramp, shooting players directly underground
v1.0 2014-04-17
  • Better model and textures
  • Vertex colors added
  • More objects added (mouses and Luigi's Mansion Gold Ghost)
  • Minor KCL fixes
  • Slow Motion Bug fixes
  • Pattern animations added
v1.0a 2014-04-17
v2.0 2014-08-20
  • Model remade partially
  • Minimap scaled down
  • [fix] Position tracker issues
  • [fix] Slow Motion Bug
  • [add] More objects
  • [fix] KCL
  • [add] Mipmap effects
v2.1 2014-08-20
  • King Boo is unsolid now
v2.2 2014-10-25
  • [fix] Stairs KCL glitch
  • Better pond collision
v2.3 2014-11-10
  • Lily pads are trickable
  • [fix] Wardrobe texture
  • [add] Cannon in alternative way
  • [remove] Unelegant polygon
  • [fix] Pond animation
  • [remove] Unneeded item box row
v2.4 2015-02-16
  • Track scaled to 1.06
  • Small texture changes
  • Mipmap pictures improved
  • [add] Some Mdush ramps
  • [add] New animated Boo custom objects
v2.4.1 2015-02-17
  • [fix] Boo custom object color node
v2.4.1a 2016-02-18 Update by Sucht93a:
  • Added mipmaps to most textures of course model, chandeliers and tables to reduce texture flickering.
  • All checkpoints form convex quadrilaterals now.
  • Deactivated AREA with missing camera link.
  • Optimized meshes.
  • Deactivated most objects for offline Multiplayer by changing presence flag to reduce extreme lag. This makes special _d version unnecessary.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Horror Herenhuis
French: Maison de l'Horreur
German: Horrorvilla
Italian: Palazzo dell'orrore
Japanese: ホラーマンション
Korean: 공포 맨션
Portuguese: Mansão de Horror
Russian: Особняк ужасов
Spanish: Mansión del Horror
Greek: Έπαυλη Τρόμου
Polish: Dwór Horroru
Finnish: Kauhukartano
Swedish: Skräckherrgården
Czech: Sídlo Hrůzy
Danish: Gyserpalæet