Icy Mountaintop

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Not to be confused with Icy Mountains, a custom track with a similar name created by Thiruon.

Icy Mountaintop is a custom track originally created by Guilmon.

Currently, there are two versions available:

List of available WBZ files: ct.wiimm.de

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: IJzige Bergtop
French: Pic Montagneux Glacial
German: Eisige Bergspitze
Italian: Picco Ghiacciato
Japanese: アイスマウンテントップ
Korean: 얼음 산맥 톱
Portuguese: Cume Gelado
Russian: Ледяная вершина горы
Spanish: Cima Helada (NTSC)
Cumbre Gélida (PAL)
Greek: Παγωμένη Βουνοκορφή
Polish: Lodowy Szczyt
Finnish: Jäinen vuorenhuippu
Swedish: Isbergstoppen
Czech: Ledový Vrchol Hory
Danish: Isbjergtoppen