2.5x Speed Mod Pack

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Authors Bradley, Joeey, MiniPut, Skipper93653
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 32
Version: v2.0
Date of Latest Version: 2017-09-26
Download: OneDrive
Size: 63.1 MB


The 2.5x Speed Mod Pack is a custom track distribution created by Bradley & Joeey. It originally started out as a Beta of Bradley, Joeey, Mini & Cyan's Speed Mod Pack, but was changed to its own distribution due to its difference to the current pack. As of version 1.1b, online play does not function. This was fixed in v1.1c.


Currently no media

Version History

Version Predicted Release Information Creators
v1.0 2015-04-05 This version was the first release, which was a My Stuff distribution. Bradley
v1.1 2015-07-24 This version is an update of the original release with Riivolution & online support. Bradley & Joeey
v1.1b 2015-07-24 Quick hotfix of v1.1. Bradley & Joeey
v1.1c 2015-08-25 Quick hotfix of v1.1b, fixing online. Joeey & MiniPut
v2.0 2017-09-26 Wiimmfi implementation. Skipper93653
By the same author: Bradley

Bradley's Music Pack
2.5x Speed Mod Pack
Bradley & Maniac's Speed Mod Pack (in progress)

By the same author: Joeey

Custom Tracks:
Parkland Ridge (v2.0a-v2.0c)Pyro Circuit

2.5x Speed Mod Pack (v1.0-v1.1c)Wine's CT Pack Mod Pack (POC1, POC4-v1.0)

By the same author: MiniPut

2.5x Speed Mod Pack (v1.1c)
Wine's CT Pack Mod Pack (v1.0)