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Hi! I am a custom track maker and a MKWII racer who has been playing this game since 2008. Back in 2015 i wanted to make custom tracks, I tried and I failed a bit but then in 2016 I decided to try again and so far got a beta version of Unnamed Town and then abandoned it. In 2017 I had the urged to come back to this game and to do custom tracks again and currently remaking a few custom tracks. Check out my project list to see what I am currently doing!


Name Latest Update Planned Update Version Current Status Newest Update Plans or Progress
Variety Pack v1.31 v2 In Progress Major Update, see page for more details.
Unnamed Town Beta v1 On Hold Completely Remake track from scratch with a new model
Fishdom Island v7.1 v7.2 On Hold Make shortcut only possible lap 1 and change things from CTGP Track Testing.
Dry Coast v3.1c v3.2/3.5 On Hold Make it look realistic and adjust faster dock path and ending for spear and other vehicles
Ancient Ruins v1.beta v1 On Hold Rework
Meep's Mansion RC1 v1 On Hold Remake the track in the style of DS Luigi's Mansion and like Disco Fever
By the same author: Bladestorm227

Custom Tracks:
Unnamed Town

3DS Rainbow Road

Dry Coast v3 - Ancient Ruins v1.beta - Fishdom Island v7

ZPL Kart Wii, Variety Pack

Planned Tracks/Remakes:
Meep's Mansion