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Hi! I am a custom track maker and a MKWII racer who has been playing this game since 2008. Back in 2015 i wanted to make custom tracks, I tried and I failed a bit but then in 2016 I decided to try again and so far got a beta version of Unnamed Town and then abandoned it. In 2017 I had the urged to come back to this game and to do custom tracks again and currently remaking a few custom tracks. Check out my project list to see what I am currently doing!


Name Latest Version Planned Update Version Current Status Newest Update Plans or Progress
Fishdom Island v7.2 N/a Completed Currently have nothing planned.
3DS Rainbow Road Beta 2 v1.0 In Progress Redoing port from scratch.
Variety Pack v1.41 v2.0 In Progress Major Update, see page for more details.
Mushroom Creek N/A v1 On Hold Modelling the track.
Unnamed Town Beta v1 On Hold Completely Remake track from scratch with a new model.
Dry Coast v3.1c v3.5/v4 On Hold Remake with some alterations to the layout. Visual overhaul as well.
Ancient Ruins v1.beta v1 On Hold Remake

Project Information

  • Fishdom Island has been completed. Waiting to see what CTGP track testers have to say.
  • 3DS Rainbow Road is currently being redone from scratch. Hoping for an end of June release.
  • Variety Pack is currently being updated to v2. A channel is being made and we are waiting on LE-Code to be made public with tools for it. No official released date has been confirmed.
  • Unnamed Town is currently being modelled. You can find progress of it on Youtube with the series titled Let's Make a Custom Track. Unsure on release date.
  • Mushroom Creek is currently being modelled. Some progress can be found in the Custom Track Creators Server. Unsure on release date.
  • Dry Coast will most likely be completely remade similar to KevinVG207's Sunset Forest where the layout is slightly altered but has massive visual improvements. Unsure on release date.
  • Ancient Ruins will be a complete remake with a new layout and everything. Unsure on release date.

Featured Videos

Let's Make a Custom Track #1
Variety Pack 200cc Frantic GP #1 Tomb Cup
By the same author: Bladestorm227

Custom Tracks:
Unnamed Town

3DS Rainbow Road

Dry Coast - Ancient Ruins - Fishdom Island

ZPL Kart Wii Beta, Variety Pack

Planned Tracks/Remakes:
Mushroom Creek - Ancient Ruins