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Terron (Vulpixx)'s Profile Picture.png
Discord Terron#7785


Hey, my name's Terron. I'm an old custom track creator, dating back to 2010.
I have recently got back into making tracks and textures and plan to make good quality tracks.
Most of my older tracks can no longer be found due to the loss of my old hard drive and the files not being on other file hosters.
If you wish to contact me about future tracks or textures, shoot me a DM on Discord.



Track Current Version Notes
Rainbow Cliff v0.11 This was created in 2017 as a joke, more so to see if I could create a track with old tools in the modern era.
Azria Temple v2.0 A remake of one of SpyKid's unreleased tracks, in collaboration with Jasperr.
Sakura Sanctuary v1.0 My first serious creation since 2011, an update is in progress to fix some bugs.
Siberian Chateau v1.0 A track Golden RS assigned multiple people to help finish, I helped contribute.
Dystopian Paradox N/A One of Jasperr's unreleased tracks that I asked to try and finish; currently in progress.