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Profile Picture MrFib's Avatar.png
Discord: MrFib#4601
YouTube: MrFib
Twitter: @mrfib_gaming
MKW Friend Codes:
  • Main: 3828-5234-2373
  • CT: 0521-3986-8126
  • Other: 2540-0334-4094


I'm a small youtube streamer who plays Mario Kart Wii and was a former member of AP7. I'm active on a lot of Mario Kart Wii streams and enjoy talking to everyone! I started my YouTube channel in the summer of 2017 and has grown a lot since then. I've made a lot of friends through Mario Kart Wii and I love this community!


Name Role(s) Author(s)
Chomp Valley Remake Tester Skipper93653 and TheGamingBram
Skipper's 200kmh Distribution Graphic Designer, Tester Skipper93653, PhillyG, Tombwarrior, I_think_therefore_I_am, NicoPlaysThings, TheChibiKing, Cotni, TheGamingBram, KantoEpic, MrFib
Jungle Circuit Supplied the skybox and a retextured flag CLF78
Variety Pack Graphic Designer, Developer Tombwarrior, Bladestorm227, Skipper93653, MrFib, Diamond, Brawlboxgaming, AlphaFlame, Bear
Variety Pack Lite Graphic Designer Brawlboxgaming


Title Type Release Date Current Verison
MrFib Funky Texture 2017-11-04 v2.0
Light Blue Toadette Texture 2017-11-07 v1.0
Fib Circuit Custom Track  ??? In Development
Pikachu Funky Texture 2018-02-02 v1.0
Halloween Funky Texture 2018-10-28 v1.0
Santa Funky Texture 2018-12-17 v1.0
Summer Funky Texture 2019-07-20 v1.0
Course.0 Retextured Texture 2019-08-21 v1.0
James Charles Funky Texture 2020-02-16 v1.0
James Charles Daisy Texture 2020-02-16 v1.0


You just got fibbed, by MrFib