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Profile Picture Mrfib.PNG
Discord: MrFib#4601
E-mail: Email
Discord Server(s):
YouTube: MrFib Gaming
Twitter: @mrfib_gaming
ROBLOX account: MrFib_Gaming
Scratch Account: _-Second-_
MKW Friend Codes:
  • Main: 3828-5234-2373
  • CT: 0521-3986-8126
  • Other: 2540-0334-4094


I'm a small youtube streamer who usually plays Mega Man Maker. I play Mario Kart Wii and was a former member of AP7. I'm active on a lot of Mario Kart Wii and Mega Man Maker streams and enjoy talking to everyone! I started this channel last summer and has grown a lot. The channel HAS been taking things slow, though, but I'm pushing through! I've made a lot of friends through Mario Kart Wii and I'm grateful for everyone! If you want a Mario Kart Wii texture (preferably a character) it's likely I'll do it for you :D


Name Role Author
Skipper's 200kmh Distribution Logo Maker, Tester Skipper93653
Chomp Valley Remake Tester Skipper93653 and TheGamingBram


Title Type Release Date Current Verison
MrFib Funky Texture 2017-11-04 v2.0
Light Blue Toadette Texture 2017-11-07 v1.0
Fib Circuit Custom Track  ??? In Development
Pikachu Funky Texture 2018-02-02 v1.0


You just got fibbed, by MrFib