GBA Bowser Castle 4 (ChaosShadow23)

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This article is about ChaosShadow23's remake. For other versions, see GBA Bowser Castle 4.
GBA Bowser Castle 4
Author: ChaosShadow23
Version: v4.1
Release date: 2014-07-31
Editors used: 3ds Max, BrawlBox, KMP Cloud, MagicY, Paint, Photoshop CS4, SketchUp, Wiimms SZS Tools
Download: Google Drive


GBA Bowser Castle 4 is a retro race course from Mario Kart: Super Circuit. The track is one of four Bowser Castles found in the game. This remake of the track stays true to the original plus with a few added in extras to bring the track up to the standards of newer tracks, such as Mario Kart 7 pillars, a three-dimensional background, animation, a light source, and a shadow map.



v4.0 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2013-10-11 First release
v1.0 2013-10-14
  • Added animation
  • Added boble.brres
  • Added Mecha-Koopas
  • Scaled down by 15%
  • New skybox model
  • Fixed texturing
  • Fixed minor KCL issues
  • Ramp sections are low-jumpable
v1.1 2013-10-14
  • Fixed freeze online
  • Fixed fall boundary
  • Fixed KCL glitch
v1.2 2013-10-18
  • Fixed intro cameras
  • Minor KCL update
v2.0 2014-01-11
  • Scaled down by 10%
  • Fixed texturing
  • Added Flamepoles
  • Removed Bobles
v2.1 2014-01-13 Fixed KCL glitches
v3.0 2014-02-13
  • Added animation
  • Added vertex colors
  • Added light source
  • Minor texturing fixes
v3.1 2014-03-11
v4.0 2014-06-18 Remade entire track from scratch
v4.1 2014-07-31
  • Removed ramp inclines
  • Changed large trick ramp
  • Changed KCL and KMP accordingly to match model

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