Squadaloo's Mario Kart WiiMix

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Squadaloo's Mario Kart WiiMix
Cover: Squadaloo's Mario Kart WiiMix Cover.png
Author: Squadaloo
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 152
Battle: 10
Version: v1.0
Date of latest version: 2022-01-04
Download: Google Drive
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Squadaloo's Mario Kart WiiMix is a custom track distribution created by Squadaloo. It features all Mario Kart tracks from Super Mario Kart through Mario Kart 7, along with four remakes from Mario Kart 8 and eight remakes from Mario Kart Tour. There are also 20 custom tracks, making up a total of 152 tracks. The author wanted a distribution that contained a vast majority of the Mario Kart library and also wanted to sample some custom tracks, but found the number of custom tracks in other distributions overwhelming and wanted creative control over which tracks he could access easily. He had no intention of releasing this, but opted to do so after putting effort into adding custom music and cup icons, along with a custom title screen.


Currently no media


The track list can be found here.


Distribution Features

Distribution Features
Feature Author Information
Save to SD Card  ??? An option in Riivolution that can be selected that will either copy your Wii's Mario Kart Wii save data onto your SD card to read from or create a brand new save file on the SD card.

Game Features

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Track Music Expander CLF78 Allows custom music to be played on custom tracks without replacing or being limited to the game's original soundtrack. All retro Mario Kart tracks have their original songs, unless specified in the song list, while several custom tracks also contain custom music.

LE-CODE Settings

  • Blue Shells are not draggable.
  • Thunder Cloud shrink time has been reduced to five seconds.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2022-01-04 First release
By the same author: Squadaloo

Custom Tracks:
Super Bell Circuit

Retro Tracks:
GBA Mario CircuitGBA Sky GardenWii U Rainbow Road

Import Tracks:
DKR Frosty Village

Custom Track Distributions:
Squadaloo's Mario Kart WiiMix