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This article is about the successor. For the predecessor, see OptPack Custom Track Pack.
Author: Optllizer
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 448
Supported regions: NTSC-U, PAL, NTSC-J, NTSC-K
Version: v1.202
Date of latest version: 2024-05-01
Discord server: OptPack
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OptPack is Optllizer's third custom track distribution. It has 448 custom tracks within 112 cups. This is a distribution that was created by the author to replace OptPack Custom Track Pack. This replacement took from March to August 2020 with the help of friends to test and make sure it was ready for release. The author felt that since he remade the distribution from scratch with LE-CODE, he thought it would be a good idea to start from the beginning. As of April 2024, the distribution migrated to Pulsar.


  • Sander Lantin (Sain), for help creating most of the code for the updater.
  • That One Atlas, for help with other fixes for the updater.
  • Bad Wolf, for fixing issues with version control.
  • Degeso, for the ISO builder.
  • Krash, for optimizing music and helping changing track slots.
  • Ice, for allowing Feathers to be used in Time Trials.

Track Requests

If you would like to submit your track to OptPack, request for a track to be updated or request a track to be removed, please complete this form. Optllizer will test and analyze the track and give feedback via Discord.


This distribution has a Homebrew updater. This will be the main way to update from now on, without having to remove your SD card.

On 2022-07-16, the update server was terminated and the server was lost. A month later, the author released a new updater in conjunction with a backup updater. This file will need to be installed manually.


OptPack Lounge Events are designed to give a competitive spin to OptPack for those that are interested. They will function very similarly to mogis with a much more simplified set of rules.


v1.165 Trailer
v1.145 Shortcut Video
v1.126 Shortcut Video
v1.9 Shortcut Video
v1.41 Shortcut Video
v1.21 Shortcut Video
v1.0 Shortcut Video


To view the tracklist, current best known times and staff ghosts, check here.

Game Features

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Normal Worldwides Melg Disables distribution-specific patches for Worldwide races while keeping client-side features (such as the speedometer) so that you can race people playing the vanilla game. This patch does not apply to Regionals, which will use the region specified in the distribution.
Thunder Cloud with No Thunder acaruso, Optllizer Instead of shrinking the player, the Thunder Cloud allows anyone to take shortcuts without shrinking them.
Wiimmfi Wiimm, Leseratte Support to play on a custom server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC.
Feather CLF78, stebler This adds the Feather as an item, which can be used to trick off the ground and jump high in the air. It replaces the Blooper.
Trophy Count Melg Adds a "trophy" system similar to CTGP Revolution's gold star system for ghosts that you beat.
Change Combo Between Races Melg A button have been added to the VR screen, which allow you to change your character/vehicle combination for the next race. This works in all online modes.
Wi-Fi Timer Chadderz The countdown timer on the Wi-Fi voting screen is always shown. The time allocated is 30 seconds.
Lap Count Modifier Geeh, MrEvil A track can have between one and eight laps.
Draggable Blue Shells MrBean35000vr Blue Shells can now be held behind you like Green and Red Shells. They will explode on contact, but not hurt the player. They can be used to protect against other items being shot from behind, but if wheelie-bumped while holding a Blue Shell behind you, it will fall away and disappear. Only one Blue Shell can exist at once, so even when it is held out behind you, it will be impossible for anyone else to get one from an item box.
Ghost Saving Melg You now can save ghosts on all Nintendo and custom tracks.
Extended Regions Atlas This will show most regions of the world on the globe.
Mii Heads on Minimap JoshuaMK This will show Miis on the minimap.
Speedometer Melg, Optllizer This adds a speedometer with in-game options that can be positioned on either side of the screen or in classic form.
Automatic BRSAR Patching Elias_ The revo_kart.brsar file will now be automatically patched to prevent music from cutting off mid-race.
Disable Music Melg, Brawlboxgaming This is a feature that patches your game to disable music, but still hear sound effects from the game.
No Bullet Bill Icon Anarion, Gabriela_ You can get more than one item while in a Bullet Bill.
Force Battle Bug/Glitch XeR, Melg Names will be seen from far away due to Battle Mode's name visibility.
Don't Hide Position After Race MrBean35000vr Prevents the game from hiding the position tracker after the race ends. Useful to instantly know your actual finishing position (which might differ due to lag).
Staff Ghosts Melg Every track can feature a staff ghost.
Custom Music Melg, CLF78 Allows every track to feature its own custom music.
Accurate Item Roulette CLF78 This code makes the item roulette only show items you can actually get. Works both online and offline.
Feather TTs Ice, Melg This adds the Feather as an item to Time Trials. You have three Feathers to complete a track as fast as you can.
All Items Can Land MrBean35000vr, Brawlboxgaming This code makes it so every item – with the exception of a Thunder Cloud – can land on the floor when dropped and activate when a racer drives over it (e.g. Mega Mushrooms, Lightning, etc.). Item effects are identical to if the user actually fired the item themselves.
Lap Texture Fix Wingcapman This mod fixes the lap counters so that the ninth lap will show correctly, as well as a fix for the lap textures shown on the Time Trial results screen to show all laps (including the ones beyond lap three).
Faster Menu Navigation east Speeds up menu navigations.
Riivolution Channel instead of the Mario Kart Channel Vega, Kazuki When clicking on the Mario Kart Channel, you get launched back to the Riivolution channel. This does not work on Dolphin.
Disable Autoscroll to Top 5 Leaderboard Diamond Disables the autoscroll to the top five best times leaderboard.
Live Replay Melg Shows the Mushroom count when spectating a ghost in Time Trials.
Conditional Out of Bounds kHacker35000vr, Riidefi Helps with out of bounds detection.
Allow Looking Backwards During Respawn Ro You will now be able to look behind when respawning instead of only forward.
Pause Before Countdown Sponge Allow pausing before the race starts in Time Trials.
Pack Music Toggle Optllizer In-game toggle that enables or disables custom music included in the distribution.
Display Times on Results Melg Display finish times on results in Worldwide and VS races.
BRRES Anti-flicker Riidefi Fixes certain complex materials in custom tracks involving indirect textures, such as those for boost panels and water – especially when a Time Trial ghost is rendered.

Version History

v1.0 – v1.177

v1.200 – v1.202

Version Date of release Information
v1.200 2024-04-19
  • Remade distribution with Pulsar.
  • Added Pandora Palace, Log Breeze, Eventide Gorge, and Cosmic Causeway.
  • Readded Aquadrom Stage Symbol F061.png, replacing Darkness Temple.
  • Readded Cookie Village, replacing Meteor Shower.
  • Readded Desert Mushroom Ruins, replacing The Plain of Atlantis.
  • Readded N.I.S.W.O.E Desert, replacing Blissful Block.
  • Replaced Tsukuba Circuit with Rocky Rocky Loop.
  • Replaced 3DS Rainbow Road with Wii U Wild Woods.
  • Replaced SADX Twinkle Circuit 5 with System 32.
  • Replaced Rainbow River 2 with Crawlspiral Castle.
  • Replaced The Frozen Lakes of Steleah with Anthill & Apian Apts.
  • Replaced Mushroom Festival with Jump Parade.
  • Replaced Bioluminescent Lab with Peach's Lovely Garden.
  • Replaced N64 Rainbow Road with Wario's Canyon Castle.
  • Replaced 3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon with Wario's Counterfeit Coffin.
  • Replaced Sky Islands with Sherbet Stadium.
  • Replaced Green Hills with Volcanic Skyway Symbol F061.png.
  • Removed variants for Wii U Animal Crossing; the summer variant is now the main version.
  • Updated Riparian Paradise to v1.3.opt2.
  • Updated Cave Race to its newest version (v1.4).
  • Updated Misty Ruins to its newest version (v1.5).
  • Updated Tideshift Town to its newest version (v1.1.2).
  • Updated Stereo Madness to its newest version (Beta 1.2.1).
  • Updated Snowy Circuit 2 to v2.7.opt3.
  • Updated Stormy Blockway to its newest version (Beta 2).
  • Updated T-Cryovolcano to its newest version (v1.3-hotfix2).
  • Updated Volcano Valley to its newest version (v1.5).
  • Updated Volcanic Skyway 3 to v3.3.2.opt.
  • Updated Crystal Dungeon to v2.0.opt2.
  • Updated Pokey's Waste Bastille to v1.2hotfix.opt3.
  • Updated Thunder City Symbol F061.png to its newest version (v2.0).
  • Updated Volcano Beach 2 to v2.1.opt3.
  • Updated Snowy Drive to its newest version (v1.2).
  • Updated Wacky Waterworks to v0.9b.mko2-alt.
  • Downgraded Big Nature City to v1.5.
  • Downgraded Sacred Fogcoast to v1.3.
  • Reverted Comet Starway version to v1.44-platforms.
  • Reverted Spooky Swamp version to v1.0.
  • Edited lap modifier on Kirio Raceway to fix a crash.
  • Changed lap modifier on Sunset Ridge from three to two.
  • Renamed pre-existing "Volcanic Skyway Symbol F061.png" to "Volcanic Skyway".
  • Added in-game toggles for many Riivolution settings.
  • Added 480 staff ghosts.
  • Added NTSC-K support.
  • Remade many menu elements.
  • Added Allow Looking Backwards During Respawn and Pause Before Countdown.
  • Changed track blocking to 32.
v1.201 2024-04-24
  • Fixed bug causing room crashes when the host leaves.
  • Fixed bug that allowed original tracks in OptPack Worldwides.
  • Fixed a bug where a special item box would show every item in the item roulette.
  • Fixed ghost message not being cluttered.
  • Removed Friendly Fire.
  • Removed "Randomize Combo" button due to causing crashes.
  • Removed references to "Online Play".
  • Fixed Blossoming Ruins ghost.
  • Added new ghosts for Bayside Boulevard, Big Nature City, Skyline Avenue, System 32, Bouncy Farm 2, Bowser's Lava Lair, and Comet Starway.
v1.202 2024-05-01
  • Fixed a bug where hitting an item box in Battle Mode caused crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where using "In Order" in VS races crashed after four cups.
  • Added BRRES Anti-flicker.
  • Added new host settings to either enable or disable Nintendo tracks in friend rooms.
  • Added new ghosts for Daisy Circuit, Park Cruise, Sunshine Island, Forsaken Funfair, Cityside Nature, Sweet Garden, Toxic Neon, Animal Crossing Fantastic Skies, Lava Road, Bowser's Gothic Castle, Ramen Village, Vacay Bay, Emerald Coast, and Headlong Skyway.
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