The Castle of Broken Promises

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The Castle of Broken Promises
Author: ISwearChris
Version: v1.6
Date of latest version: 2023-07-12
Editors used: ANoob's BRRES Material Tool, Blender, BrawlBox, GIMP, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, Post-Effect Editor, RiiStudio
WBZ files:


The Castle of Broken Promises is a custom track created by ISwearChris. It was created for the 54th edition of the Custom Track Jam competition series, where it placed fourth. The track is a large-scaled castle above the clouds, with purple colors and rainbow boost panels. The second half of the track consists of a bunch of floating platforms, and features GBA Bowser Castle 3-like jump pads and a fast-paced lava stream.

The track is heavily inspired by Brotherhood by New Order – especially the song "Broken Promise", and was meant to capture feelings of harnessing your anger into something you can use to motivate yourself further. It was meant to be an angry-feeling track and a look into what it feels like to rebirth yourself from the ashes and show your inner strength, regardless of what people tell you.

Slot Information

It is recommended to put this track on slot 7.2 for the lightning opening ambience.


  • JC, Echo and Silverr, for private feedback and a lot of help testing.
  • TacoJosh, for making an indirect fire material (used and modified with permission).
  • Optllizer, for general help and KMP help.
  • Bowser498, for general advice and suggestions.
  • CobaltYoshi27, for general support and help.


v1.5 Time Trial (Dolphin)
Beta 4 VS Race (Dolphin)
Beta VS Race (Dolphin)

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta 2023-03-18 First release
Beta.opt 2023-05-03 Update by Optllizer:
  • Fixed no lap counts.
Beta 2 2023-04-22
  • Improved visuals.
  • Recreated lightmap.
  • Fixed checkpoints.
  • Improved KCL and KMP.
  • The volcano piece object now stays up for the entire race.
  • Improved item box set placement and added special red boxes for the wall-ride strat.
  • Adjusted and balanced split routes.
  • Adjusted fire bar positions.
  • Made stairs consistent and sticky-trickable.
  • Removed some low trick ramps.
  • Improved driving and fixed some route issues.
  • Made first shortcut trick more visible at the end.
  • Fixed some no lap counts.
Beta 3 2023-04-26
  • Added low ramps on many edges for tech.
  • Changed boost panel lava into a moving lava stream (moving water collision).
  • Improved visuals.
  • Improved lightmap.
  • Adjusted some ramp heights and made routes converge better at the jump outside of the castle.
  • Changed a landing area to mushroom collision.
Beta 4 2023-05-06
  • Changed boost panel texture and animation.
  • Updated visuals.
  • Improved lightmapping.
  • Adjusted ending of the castle to be easier to take naturally.
  • Made mushroom into a bouncy net up top.
  • Changed item box texture.
  • Added moving boost low trick ramps at the end to experiment.
  • Improved gameplay elements and balance.
  • Improved KCL and KMP.
Beta 4-mko 2023-05-16 Update by Zeem:
  • Fixed a crash that occurred after a race.
  • Removed some hazards to get rid of a Slow Motion Bug.
Beta 4-mko2 2023-05-20 Update by Zeem:
  • Moved some key checkpoints to attempt to fix a no lap count.
Beta 4-mko3 2023-05-21 Update by Zeem:
  • Fixed a no lap count.
Beta 5 2023-05-23
  • Fixed a no lap count.
  • Fixed outro cameras to not freeze.
  • Adjusted lava stream speed.
  • Removed a fire bar.
  • Removed a fireball before one of the ramps.
  • Removed a boost section and its item boxes.
  • Added an additional red box on the left for the wall-ride strat.
  • Adjusted and improved lightmap.
  • Improved sticky trick collision on the stairs.
  • Lowered a wall collision after the stairs to prevent driving on the ground above.
  • Added a fire indirect setting.
  • Removed boost low trick ramps at the end.
  • Added a visible start line.
  • Changed mushroom texture in the split route to match the bounce texture before it and raised its height.
  • Improved a lot of small texture mapping issues.
  • Moved and adjusted main item box sets.
  • Adjusted KCL and KMP.
v1.0 2023-05-27
  • Adjusted shortcut outside of the castle.
  • Added a few arrows to improve track clarity.
  • Made lava stream look better by extending it to the boost panel.
  • Changed a few edges to be trickable outside.
  • Added extra space to different parts of the castle to make backspamming less strong.
  • Fixed some minor collision bugs.
  • Changed a ramp to be a flip trick instead of having a slow ramp at the end.
  • Made some minor lightmap improvements.
v1.1 2023-05-28
  • Lowered and made two ramps more sticky.
  • Added an extra couple item boxes.
  • Changed a mushroom pad collision to regular road collision with a trick at the end on the suspended platform.
  • Made minor visual improvements.
  • Removed a fire bar and made the other bigger and more centered.
  • Slowed down water stream.
v1.2 2023-05-31
  • Added collision to many parts of the model.
  • Cleaned up a lot of texture mapping.
  • Made some small lightmap improvements.
  • Added indication for trickable areas outside.
  • Improved visuals outside.
  • Fixed checkpoints and an Ultra Shortcut.
  • Improved respawn points.
  • Cleaned up enemy and item routes.
  • Adjusted outside out of bounds solid collision.
  • Removed some horizontal walls.
  • Corrected some inaccurate collision.
  • Gave black knight's sword cactus collision.
v1.2b 2023-06-04 Update by Wiimm:
v1.2b.opt 2023-06-17 Update by Optllizer:
  • Changed water collision to lava.
  • Changed stunt trick collision to flip trick.
v1.5 2023-07-11
  • Overhauled visuals.
  • Improved lightmap.
  • Fixed some model holes and texture mapping issues.
  • Added displacement over wall textures.
  • Improved KCL and KMP.
  • Modified start shortcut.
  • Added ending shortcut around the lava bend.
  • Added hanging platform for additional mushroom bounce strat.
  • Added alternative strat for the wall-ride.
  • Added more outside cracks in the road/metal hanging grates.
  • Changed exit ramp to a stunt trick.
  • Changed fireball placements.
  • Added cracked sky objects (KmoonZ).
  • Implemented BLIGHT, BFG and BDOF.
v1.6 2023-07-12
  • Added Bloodstone reference.
  • Improved visuals.
  • Remade minimap.
  • Shrunk trickable areas outside.
  • Flipped some faces.
  • Moved an area of out of bounds closer to the road to make it impossible to clip outside.
v1.6.opt 2023-07-28 Update by Optllizer:
  • Changed water collision to boost.
  • Changed stunt trick collision to flip trick.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Het Kasteel der Gebroken Beloftes
French: Le Château des Promesses Brisées
German: Das Schloss der gebrochenen Versprechen
Italian: Il Castello delle Promesse non Mantenute
Japanese: ブロークンプロミスキャッスル
Korean: -
Portuguese: -
Russian: -
Spanish: -
Greek: -
Polish: -
Finnish: Rikottujen Lupausten Linna
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -