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The primary purpose of the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki is to catalog user-made content for Mario Kart Wii. The content listed here is freely usable for the users of this Wiiki.

A second purpose of this Wiiki is to share Mario Kart Wii-related tutorials, software, and technical articles such as file format specifications and the network protocol.

Many of the site rules are in place to achieve a uniform look on the Wiiki and to allow easy navigation. Some rules are in place to facilitate the work of the moderators. Even if you aren't a moderator, if you notice problems or rule violations, you should do what you can to improve pages on the Wiiki.

The rules are not meant to be used to organize witch hunts, justify edit wars or to delete pages needlessly.

Rules for Account creation

* is a platform designed for mature audiences, and membership eligibility varies based on different legal regulations worldwide. Some of our submissions might feature adult themes and cartoon violence.

United States

For individuals in the United States, you must be at least 13 years old to join * This restriction is enforced due to the COPPA act, which mandates verifiable parental consent for individuals under 13 which we can not offer.

European Union

Residents of the European Union must be over 16 years old to join * Under GDPR laws, processing personal data of individuals under 16 requires parental consent, which includes usernames and emails provided by our members.

Rest of the World

For individuals residing outside the USA or the EU, the minimum age requirement to become a * member is 13 years old.

Violating this policy by registering under the age of 13 (or 16 in the European Union) will result in a ban.

Content Restrictions

  1. Do not post download links to pornographic or similarly offensive materials on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki.
  2. Do not post download links to copyrighted materials such as ISOs or ROM images on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki.
  3. Do not post download links to illegally cracked or hacked programs ("warez") on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki.
  4. Discussion of warez is strictly forbidden.
  5. is not responsible for links or content posted by users of this website.

Wiiki Rules

Follow these rules as you edit the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki. Breaking the rules can result in a warning, temporary ban, or a permanent ban.

  1. Use the SHOW PREVIEW button as you edit a page until you are sure it is correct. Then SAVE. Do not edit any individual page more than 2 TIMES in a row in a 15 MINUTE PERIOD. There is an exception for large and complex edits.
  2. NO EDIT WARS. An edit war happens when two or more users repeatedly override each other's contributions, instead of using the talk page to discuss and resolve the issue. When you undo an edit made by another user, please write a summary explaining the change.
  3. The main download link in an article cannot require registration or a password. Secondary links (mirrors) that require registration can be used, but are discouraged. Pay-per-click services like AdFly are not allowed. Do not provide download links, files or programs that track public IP addresses and other personal information without consent.
  4. Uploaded images must have long, descriptive filenames (GCN Sherbet Land (Tock) Preview.jpg) instead of short, meaningless filenames (Image0027.jpg, Mytrack.jpg, avatar.jpg).
  5. Images used in articles should not be larger than 400px.
  6. Content articles that have been on the Wiiki for more than two months, but never had any download link, may get deleted by moderators.
  7. Users may not blank nor delete pages. Instead, they should contest deletion for the page by using the Delete template and discussing it on the talk page.
  8. Acknowledge moderator messages and warnings. Their purpose is to help ensure the Wiiki runs smoothly and consistently.
  9. Do not make multiple accounts on the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki.
  10. You may request a User Name change after being a member of the Wiiki for at least one year. A capitalization change request can be made after being a member for at least a month. These requests can be made only once per year.
  11. Usernames need to be written using the Latin alphabet, and they may not contain the following characters: # < > [ ] | { } / @ plus control characters, emojis, unusual whitespaces, or UTF-8 private use characters. Also, they cannot be longer than 85 characters.

Rules for New Articles

  1. Use the search box to make sure that an article similar to the one you want to create has not already been made.
  2. Go to the Main Page and look at the red box titled "Making a new page? Use these formats:". If your new page is not of a type listed, look on the Wiiki for a similar article to use as a guide.
  3. Select an appropriate name for your new article.
    • For tracks/arenas, as Mario Kart Wii only displays the first 41 characters of a name, names should be within that limit.
      • If your track/arena has a name with more than 41 characters, you must provide at least one alternative name that fits the limit. These can be abbreviations, condensed names or completely new names.
    • Track/arena names must be less than 100 characters, excluding any parenthesis outside of the name.
  4. Capitalize words and use correct spelling and spacing. Mariossuperfastraceway(textuer hack) contains errors and would be need to be renamed. 'Mario's Super Fast Raceway (GCN Mario Circuit Texture) would be correct.
  5. Follow the Version Number and News rules.

Rules for Talk Pages

  1. You may not remove, modify or censor any part of any talk page with the exception of correcting grammar to your comments or adding more content to your latest comment.
  2. You must use a signature when writing a comment in any talk page. You can do so by typing four tildes at the end of your comment (~~~~).
  3. Talk pages must be kept organized. Replies to an existing comment should be written on the bottom of that comment with an indent, marked with an additional : at the start of the line.
  4. Even though talk pages can be used to resolve conflicts, you should not start fights in there, nor insult other users or post spam and inappropriate content into them.

Rules for User Pages

  1. You may not modify or censor any part of any user page, even if there are broken page links or videos. Filenames and editing your own user page are exceptions.
  2. It is only necessary to edit the page if the image filename that links to the individual user page is not descriptive.
  3. If videos on a user page are privated or deleted, it is up to their user to remove them or not. If you have something to discuss about it, please discuss it on the talk page.
  4. User pages that only have a copy of the user link template, and no other content, may get deleted by moderators.
  5. Do not redirect a user page to an external website.

YouTube Video Guidelines

  1. No more than three embedded videos on any page. Tutorials and distributions are exceptions.
  2. Videos should:
    • Not have distracting or offensive intros, text or audio.
    • Show normal gameplay with minimal unrelated hacks and modifications.
    • Show at least one full lap or all relevant features.
    • Be of at least decent quality (360p).
  3. Direct video capture from a Wii or Wii U is preferred, especially for the primary video. Emulated videos are generally allowed as long as the video does not hide major flaws that would appear on a console. Emulated videos also must state that they are captured using an emulator in the title. (Beta 2 (Dolphin))
  4. Custom track videos should show online play, VS or Grand Prix mode. Time Trials mode is allowed, but it is generally not recommended, as it does not show item boxes, or buggy enemy and item routes.
  5. Secondary videos should show a different play mode or an older major revision of the level.
  6. The video header(s) in the article must not praise the author of the video. (Video by VideoGloryGuy) Instead, it must describe briefly what will be shown in the video. (v1.0, v1.0 VS Race, etc.)
  7. Ports and remakes can include a video of the original version of the level.
  8. If a mod is showcased in a video with various parts, use timestamps to clip the specific part in which it appears from start to end. Right-click on the video and select "Copy URL at current time" to retrieve these timestamps.

Published Works Policy

Please see our policy here: Published Works Policy.