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Welcome to the Custom Mario Kart Wiiki!

A wiki dedicated to Custom Tracks, Texture Hacks and Custom Characters for Mario Kart Wii.
We have 13,907 articles.

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New Wiiki Server
  • After the recent server change, you might receive a message about a problem with your login session. To fix this, you might have to clear your cookies for this website and log in again.
Discord Links
  • Discord attachment links are no longer accessible outside of their environment. Any new files uploaded to the Wiiki should use a proper file-hosting service instead.
Discord Server
  • The Tockdom Discord server has been opened for this Wiiki and other Wikis, which is meant for users and modders throughout the Mario Kart series. Click here to join.
Published Works Policy
  • The Published Works Policy has been updated on 2022-01-01. It is strongly recommended for authors to read it regarding their work.