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Little Girls
Discord item_koura_yellow.bmd

Hello. I'm 14~20 years old MKW and MK7 CT Creator from Japan.

Do you know Umihara Kawase? My created CT Lists↓

Tier Name Information
Mid Tier Punch City 2 (Marianne8559) My 4th track is Strobenz's old custom track remakes.

Its good.
This track may be the first track to use group_enemy_d in Custom tracks

Mid Tier? Junkyard Rubbish Dump My 5th track is OMORI Themed track.

Its... good? it's bumpy and too big
Originally it was planned to be a fairly long track, but since the layout test didn't progress, it ended up being like this.

Mid Tier Yumi's Odd Raceway Chirari It was rejected by CTGP Revolution mainly because it was quite Bumpy and low-poly.

Apparently this track, ported from MK7, did not translate well to MKW.
Despite that, I don't think it was that bad, anyway.

Trashed GBA Wendy Raceway 1 My second track is a remake of Iggy Ze Koopa's junk of the same name.

It's not good. Layout is TOO SIMPLE AGAIN.
In the end, it was a good experience for me to understand that it doesn't work to remake a bad track by an inexperienced person.

Low Tier SNES Battle Course 1 My first retro arena.

That's pretty good.
Amazingly, it was created in just about two weeks.

Low Tier GBA Battle Course 1 My third retro arena.

That's not good.

Low Tier SNES Mario Circuit 4 My sixth custom track and first retro track

It was completed in about 10 hours

Trashed SNES Battle Course 3 Beta My second retro arena.

That's bad
Amazingly, it was created in just about 3 hours

Trashed Crafters Arena My First Custom Arena

It's very narrow, but that's intentional
This was ported from MKDD for more people to play.

High Tier Kawase's Closed Mind This track uses an unused object Mstand for the door that opens immediately after starting.

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