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The Hacker
No bounds: we Koopalings will never be dead characters! Bahhahahaha! CRASH INTO THE GAME!!
Discord Iggy Ze Koopa#7734

It's me, Iggy! I'm basically a crazy koopaling who got bored of Mario Kart Wii and decieded to crash it a lil' bit... Bahaha!
I'm a big retro track creator with anti-gravity or super crazy things everywhere or else i do some fine custom tracks: who said the koopalings were dead characters LOL?!
I'm working on a Big crazy project named Koopa Kart Wii and it'll be amazing ! Bwahahahaha!

Also, if ya wanna a track for whatever what or if you have an idea for a crazy retro, ask me in the discusion! 😉👍👍👍👍


Remake Ideas

You are HEAVILLY WELCOME TO REMAKE ONE OF MY TRACKS!! Just tell me bout it in discussion and you'll be free to do! Else you might gonna have problems with me L😒L.

Mario Kart Wii Booster Course Pass

I tend to recreate the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe versions of tracks, my best recreations being Daisy Circuit, Koopa Cape, GCN Waluigi Stadium or even SW Squeaky Clean Sprint itself. Tho I'l still inproving, meaning some of my oldest posts can get a whole remake, my best example being the N64 Ludwig Turnpikes. All of that for my MKWii Booster Course Pass project (also known as the upcomming Koopa Kart Wii

Koopa Kart Wii! March 2022 - September 2023

That's a custom track distribution browsing though my oldest post to a post in september (Koopalings Colosseum to RMX Vanilla Lake 1). It take 32 of the best tracks I posted by how similar they are to the original tracks in Mario Kart Wii.

My tracks

Top 10 tracks (in order)

Name What it is
SNES Boom Boom Fortress 1 A remake of SNES Bowser Castle 1... or two. This mix-up of both my track ideas took me one year to make... Bruh.
GBA Wendy Raceway 1 A remake of GBA Luigi Circuit with a lot of shortcuts, Chain Chomps and tricks. Last version even makes it look like à Mario Kart 8 custol track... Spicey.
GCN Mushroom Square No, not Bridge or City but Square! Still as fun though with its Coconut Mall part and the geysers!
SNES Rainbow Clouds and GBA Rainbow Clouds You won't recognize them thogh the tracks follows their original layouts. With lots of shortcuts and beautiful background.
DS Larry's Garden A What if Peach Gardens had a greenhouse, underwater shortcuts and was near a mine? Welcome to Larry's Garden.
SW Squeaky Clean Sprint (Iggy Ze Koopa) and Squeaky Clean Sprint 2 Ya know about wave 5 DLC of MK8Dx? Well that's the track. Even if the second one is a remake made by me but as it got releases before it got more popular... Figures.
N64  Boom Boom Fortress After SNES Boom Boom Fortress comes to N64!! With elements from other tracks...
LTR Rainbow Road Yes, it is a pretty Rainbow Road. And yes, you can cut a lap 10 secs max.
N64  Koopalings Colosseum III Call it a Wario or Waluigi Stadium if you want. Play it and you'll understand.
SNES Boom Boom Fortress 3 A remake of SNES Bowser Castle 3 based on both the Tour and Switch versions. Cool as hell. Though it is hell 😁 Got the offroad cut, the metal grates, the lava bubbles and even an added Alter grate path 😏

All Tracks

Texture Hacked Tracks
From Tracks
Original Game Tracks Koopalings Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Texture)
Acid Falls (DS Yoshi Falls Texture)
Larry Cape (Koopa Cape Texture)
Morton's Dumb Mine (Wario's Gold Mine Texture)
Za Cool Dizert (Dry Dry Ruins Texture)
Custom Tracks Koopalings Colosseum (GCN Wario Colosseum Texture)
N64 Thomasri Plain (N64 Kalimari Desert Texture)
KoopaKids Pinball (DS Waluigi Pinball Texture)
GBA Ludwig's Hexagonal Slide I (GBA Rainbow Road Texture)
GCN Ludwig's Hexagonal Slide II (GCN Rainbow Road Texture)
Plumber Highway (Plumber Ridge Texture)
Custom Tracks
Type Tracks
Super Mario Galaxy Based Tracks SMG Bowser Junior Plains 1
SMG Bowser Junior Plains 2
SMG Bowser Junior Plains 3
SMG Bowser Junior Plains 4
Mario Kart 8/Deluxe Custom Tracks Remakes Square and Fair
Lemmy's Secret Island
Mario Kart Based Tracks N64 Larry's Pumpkin Valley
KoopaPolis Loops
SNES Larry's Pumpkin Valley 2
GBA False Bowser's Castle
GBA Iggy Castle 0
SNES Lemmy Circuit 3
DS Larry's Garden A
DS Larry's Garden B
Chain Chomp Cape
Squeaky Clean Sprint 2
GCN Koopalings Colosseum II
EXTR Wario Colosseum
Super Mario Bros. Games Based Tracks W4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 1
W4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 2
W4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 3
W5 Iggy's Carnivore Forest
Original Custom Tracks ExiteQuad Arena
KoopaPolis Dash A
Chain Chomp Bark Park
Bowser's Dungeon
52 x 72 Pixels
1st Circuit
Ludo-Techno School
54 x 64 Pixels
Track Remakes Commetition (Luigi Story - XanderKartWii - EpicCrossover - First Come First Serve) LTR Rainbow Road
Beach Bark Park
LTR Boom Boom Fortress 1
Piss Track
Plumber Ridge
LTR Coconut Mall
LTR Yoshi's Island
EXTR Mario Circuit
EXTR Waluigi Stadium
EXTR Rainbow Tunnel
GCN Mushroom Square
EXTR Twisted Mansion
EXTR Sherbet Land
EXTR Rainbow Clouds
Baloon Battles SNES Hacker Course 1
SW Dragon Palace (Iggy Ze Koopa)
Retro Tracks
Console Tracks Type Original Track
SNES Time Travel Valley Custom Track SNES Mario Circuit 1
SNES Ghost Valley 1 Retro Track SNES Ghost Valley 1
SNES Boom Boom Fortress 1 Custom Track SNES Bowser Castle 1
SNES Lemmy Circuit 2 Custom Track SNES Mario Circuit 2
SNES RetroBike Arena 1 Custom Track SNES Choco Island 1
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Retro Track SNES Ghost Valley 2
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Retro Track SNES Mario Circuit 3
SNES RetroBike Arena 2 Custom Track SNES Choco Island 2
SNES Boom Boom Fortress 3 Custom Track SNES Bowser Castle 3
SNES Mario Circuit 4 Retro Track SNES Mario Circuit 4
SNES Troopa Ridge 3 Custom Track SNES Donut Plains 3
SNES Ghost Valley 3 Retro Track SNES Ghost Valley 3
SNES Rainbow Clouds Custom Track SNES Rainbow Road
SNES (unused tracks) SNES RetroBike Arena 3 Custom Track SNES Choco Island 3
N64 N64 Iggy Turnpike Custom Track N64 Luigi Raceway
N64 Morton Junior Highway Custom Track N64 Mario Raceway
N64 Ludwig Turnpike Custom Track N64 Toad's Turnpike
N64 Koopalings Colosseum III Custom Track N64 Wario Stadium
N64 Lemmy Highway Custom Track N64 Royal Raceway
N64 Boom Boom Fortress Custom Track N64 Bowser's Castle
GBA GBA Peach Circuit Retro Track GBA Peach Circuit
GBA Iggy Castle 1 Custom Track GBA Bowser Castle 1
GBA Mario Circuit Retro Track GBA Mario Circuit
GBA Luigi Circuit Retro Track GBA Luigi Circuit
GBA Iggy's Flying Piranhas Circus Custom Track GBA Sky Garden
GBA Cheep-Cheep Island Retro Track GBA Cheep-Cheep Island
GBA Wendy's Ice World Custom Track GBA Snow Land
GBA Iggy Castle 4 Custom Track GBA Bowser Castle 4
GBA Rainbow Road Retro Track GBA Rainbow Road
GBA Rainbow Clouds Custom Track GBA Rainbow Road
GCN GCN Mushroom Bridge Port GCN Mushroom Bridge
GCN Mario Circuit Port GCN Mario Circuit
GCN Mushroom City Port GCN Mushroom City
GCN Wario Colosseum Port GCN Wario Colosseum
GCN Bowser's Castle Port GCN Bowser's Castle
GCN Rainbow Road Retro Track GCN Rainbow Road
DS DS LoL-8 Circuit Custom Track DS Figure-8 Circuit
DS Sparkling Resort Custom Track DS Cheep Cheep Beach
DS Wario Stadium Retro Track DS Wario Stadium
DS Ludwig Palacio Custom Track DS Peach Gardens
DS Rainbow Road Retro Track DS Rainbow Road
DS (unused tracks) DS KoopaKids Clan Slide Custom Track DS Dokan Course
Wii Wii Luigi Circuit Retro Track Wii Luigi Circuit
Wii Wario's Gold Mine Retro Track Wii Wario's Gold Mine
Wii Daisy Circuit Retro Track Wii Daisy Circuit
Wii Roy Stadium Custom Track Wii Dry Dry Ruins
Wii Moonview Highway Retro Track Wii Moonview Highway
Wii U Wii U Ludwig Highway Custom Track Wii U Toad Harbor
RMX (Mario Kart Tour Remakes) RMX Vanilla Lake 1 Retro Track RMX Vanilla Lake 1
RMX Choco Island 2 Retro Track RMX Choco Island 2
RMX Ghost Valley 1 Retro Track RMX Ghost Valley 1
SW SW Squeaky Clean Sprint Retro Track SW Squeaky Clean Sprint
Edited Tracks
Type Tracks
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Remakes MK8DX Waluigi Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Edit)
MK8DX Koopa Cape (Koopa Cape Edit)
MK8DX Moonview Highway (Moonview Highway Edit)
MK8DX Daisy Circuit (Daisy Circuit Edit)
MK8DX Rainbow Road (Rainbow Road Edit)
MK8DX DK Mountain (GCN DK Mountain Edit)
MK8DX Desert Hills (DS Desert Hills Edit)
MK8DX Delfino Square (DS Delfino Square Edit)
MK8DX Delfino Square R (DS Delfino Square Edit)
Trick Version Edits ExiteQuad Arena T (ExiteQuad Arena Edit)
Iggy Koopa's Challenge Wii Grumboost Volcano (Grumble Volcano Edit)
Wii Lava Boost Meadows (Moo Moo Meadows Edit)
Wii Boost Shroom Gorge (Mushroom Gorge Edit)
Wii DK Hellmit (DK Summit Edit)
KoopaPolis Dash B (KoopaPolis Dash A Edit)
THE Invisible TRICK (THE TRICK Edit)
DS Larry's Boostden A (DS Larry's Garden A Edit)
Wii Hellpa Cape (Koopa Cape Edit)
GBA Hellser's Castle 3 (GBA Bowser Castle 3 Edit)
Wii Moonview and Furious (Moonview Highway Edit)
Wii Boostweegie Circuit (Luigi Circuit Edit)
SNES Boost Circuit 3 (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Edit)
Wii Lava Boost Ruins (Dry Dry Ruins Edit)
SNES Boost Gorge 1 (SNES Ghost Valley 1 Edit)
SNES Boost Gorge 2 (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Edit)
SNES Boost Gorge 3 (SNES Ghost Valley 3 Edit)
GCN Wendy Stadium (GCN Waluigi Stadium Edit)
GBA Speedy Beach (GBA Shy Guy Beach Edit)
Wii Lava Circuit (Mario Circuit Edit)
N64 Mario Liquidway (N64 Mario Raceway Edit)
N64 DK's Jungle Hellway (N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Edit)
GCN Lava Circuit (GCN Mario Circuit Edit)
GBA Wendy's Hell World (GBA Wendy's Ice World Edit)
Incoming Tracks or Updates
Type Tracks Incoming
New Tracks Tour Mario Raceway An edit for the track to look more like it's version in Mario Kart Tour
MK8DX Maple Treeway An edit for the track to look more like it's version in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
DS Wario Stadium (Iggy Ze Koopa) A remake of DS Wario Stadium... looking like GP Waluigi Stadium with a massive metal Morton head.
Track Updates MK8DX Rainbow Road (Rainbow Road Edit) Remodel the whole thing cuz it looks trash


I haven't made a lots of collabs, but I'd be down for one if ya wanna lol:

By the same author: Iggy Ze Koopa

Custom Track Distributions:
Koopa Kart Wii! - A New EraKoopa Kart Wii! March 2022 - September 2023

Custom Tracks:
1st Circuit52 x 72 Pixels54 x 64 PixelsBaum 2: GartenkarotteBeach Bark ParkN64 Boom Boom FortressLTR Boom Boom Fortress 1SNES Boom Boom Fortress 1
SNES Boom Boom Fortress 3SMG Bowser Junior Plains 1SMG Bowser Junior Plains 2SMG Bowser Junior Plains 3SMG Bowser Junior Plains 4Bowser's Dungeon
Chain Chomp Bark ParkChain Chomp CapeLTR Coconut MallExiteQuad ArenaGBA False Bowser's CastleGBA Iggy CapeGBA Iggy Castle 0GBA Iggy Castle 1GBA Iggy Castle 4
N64 Iggy TurnpikeGBA Iggy's Flying Piranhas CircusDS KoopaKids Clan SlideGCN Koopalings Colosseum IIN64 Koopalings Colosseum IIIKoopaPolis Dash A
KoopaPolis LoopsDS Larry's Garden ADS Larry's Garden BN64 Larry's Pumpkin ValleySNES Larry's Pumpkin Valley 2SNES Lemmy Circuit 2SNES Lemmy Circuit 3
N64 Lemmy HighwayDS LoL-8 CircuitLudo-Techno SchoolWii U Ludwig HighwayDS Ludwig PalacioN64 Ludwig TurnpikeGCN Ludwig's Intergalactic Slide II
N64 Morton Junior HighwayGCN Mushroom SquarePiss TrackPlumber RidgeEXTR Rainbow CloudsGBA Rainbow CloudsSNES Rainbow CloudsLTR Rainbow Road
SNES RetroBike Arena 1SNES RetroBike Arena 2SNES RetroBike Arena 3Wii Roy StadiumEXTR Sherbet LandDS Sparkling ResortSquare and FairSqueaky Clean Sprint 2
SNES Troopa Ridge 3THE TRICKTime Travel ValleyW4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 1W4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 2W4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 3
W5 Iggy's Carnivore ForestEXTR Wario ColosseumGBA Wendy's Ice WorldLTR Yoshi's Island

Retro Tracks:
GCN Bowser's CastleGBA Cheep-Cheep IslandWii Daisy CircuitSNES Ghost Valley 1SNES Ghost Valley 2SNES Ghost Valley 3GBA Luigi CircuitWii Luigi Circuit
GBA Mario CircuitSNES Mario Circuit 3SNES Mario Circuit 4Wii Moonview HighwayGCN Mushroom BridgeGCN Mushroom CityGBA Peach CircuitDS Rainbow Road
GBA Rainbow RoadGCN Rainbow RoadSW Squeaky Clean SprintDS Wario StadiumWii Wario's Gold MineRMX Vanilla Lake 1GCN Wario Colosseum

Custom Battle Arenas:
SW Dragon PalaceSNES Hacker Course 1

Texture Hacks:
Acid FallsKoopaKids PinballKoopalings ColosseumKoopalings StadiumLarry CapeGBA Ludwig's Hexagonal Slide IGCN Ludwig's Hexagonal Slide II
N64 Mario LiquidwayMorton's Dumb MinePlumber HighwayN64 Thomasri PlainZa Cool Dizert

Track Edits:
SNES Boost Circuit 3SNES Boost Gorge 1SNES Boost Gorge 2SNES Boost Gorge 3Wii Boost Shroom GorgeDS Boost SquareWii Boostweegie CircuitMK8DX Daisy Circuit
MK8DX Delfino SquareMK8DX Delfino Square RMK8DX Desert HillsWii DK HellmitMK8DX DK MountainN64 DK's Jungle HellwayExiteQuad Arena TWii Grumboost Volcano
Wii Hellpa CapeGBA Hellser's Castle 3GBA Hellser's Castle 4KoopaPolis Dash BMK8DX Koopa CapeDS Larry's Boostden ADS Lava Boost HillsWii Lava Boost Meadows
Wii Lava Boost RuinsGCN Lava CircuitWii Lava CircuitMK8DX Mario CircuitWii Moonview and FuriousMK8DX Moonview HighwayMK8DX Rainbow RoadTHE Invisible Trick
MK8DX Waluigi StadiumGBA Wendy's Hell World

In-Progress Track Edit:
GBA Boost Rainbow Slide

In-Progress Distributions:
Koopa Kart Wii!Koopa Kart Wii! - Iggy Koopa's Challenge