SNES Lemmy Circuit 2

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This article is about Iggy Ze Koopa's remake. For the original track, see SNES Mario Circuit 2. For the sequel, see SNES Lemmy Circuit 3.
SNES Lemmy Circuit 2
Author: Iggy Ze Koopa
Designer: Nintendo, Iggy Ze Koopa
Version: v2.5
Date of latest version: 2023-05-26
Editors used: Blender, KMP Cloud, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, Paint, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files:
Download: Google Drive


SNES Lemmy Circuit 2 (also known as SNES Mario Circuit 2 RMX) is a custom track created by Iggy Ze Koopa. The model was originally made for Mario Kart 8, but the author could not import it in. It is a remake of SNES Mario Circuit 2 based on the Mario Kart PC remake, themed around Lemmy Koopa and taking place in Acorn Plains from New Super Mario Bros. U. This track features some changes in the road path, anti-gravity paths, two pipe shortcuts, a castle, a cannon, and a balloon shortcut near the end.



Currently no media

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2023-04-25 First release
v1.0b 2023-04-26
  • Updated course model.
  • Upscaled track.
  • Replaced objects.
v1.05 2023-04-26
  • Added minimap.
  • Added balloon shortcut.
  • Updated course model.
v1.05-hotfix 2023-04-27
  • Updated KCL and KMP.
  • Fixed course model.
  • Changed road collision to sticky road.
v2.0 2023-04-30
  • Added sticky road to the second anti-gravity path.
  • Fixed course model.
v2.5 2023-05-26
  • Fixed KMP.
  • Updated KCL.
  • Updated checkpoints.
  • Fixed floating item boxes.

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Names in Other Languages

SNES Lemmy Circuit 2

Dutch: SNES Lemmy's Circuit 2
French: SNES Circuit Lemmy 2
German: SNES Lemmys Piste 2
Italian: SNES Circuito di Lemmy 2
Japanese: -
Korean: -
Portuguese: SNES Circuito Lemmy 2 (NTSC)
SNES Circuito do Lemmy 2 (PAL)
Russian: -
Spanish: SNES Circuito de Lemmy 2 (NTSC)
SNES Circuito Lemmy 2 (PAL)
Greek: -
Polish: SNES Trasa Lemmy 2
Finnish: SNES Lemmynmutka 2
Swedish: SNES Lemmys Bana 2
Czech: -
Danish: SNES Lemmys Bane 2

SNES Mario Circuit 2 RMX

Dutch: SNES Mario's Circuit 2 RMX
French: SNES Circuit Mario 2 RMX
German: SNES Marios Piste 2 RMX
Italian: SNES Circuito di Mario 2 RMX
Japanese: SFC マリオサーキット2 RMX
Korean: SFC 마리오 서킷 2 RMX
Portuguese: SNES Circuito Mario 2 RMX (NTSC)
SNES Circuito do Mario 2 RMX (PAL)
Russian: SNES Трасса Марио 2 RMX
Spanish: SNES Circuito de Mario 2 RMX (NTSC)
SNES Circuito Mario 2 RMX (PAL)
Greek: SNES Πίστα του Μάριο 2 RMX
Polish: SNES Trasa Mario 2 RMX
Finnish: SNES Marionmutka 2 RMX
Swedish: SNES Marios Bana 2 RMX
Czech: SNES Mariův Okruh 2 RMX
Danish: SNES Marios Bane 2 RMX
By the same author: Iggy Ze Koopa