SNES Hacker Course 1

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This article is about Iggy Ze Koopa's version. For the original arena, see SNES Battle Course 1.
SNES Hacker Course 1
Creator: Iggy Ze Koopa
Designer: Nintendo, Iggy Ze Koopa
Version: v3.0
Date of latest version: 2024-01-17
Editors used: CTools, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, Tinkercad, Wiimms SZS Tools
WBZ files:
Download: Dropbox


SNES Hacker Course 1 is Iggy Ze Koopa's first custom battle arena. It is based on the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe version of SNES Battle Course 1. v2.0 looks more like it with added walls and grass.


v3.0 Balloon Battle
Beta 3 Balloon Battle

Version History

Version Date of release Information
Beta (seizure warning) 2022-07-17 First release
Beta 2 (seizure warning) 2022-07-22 Update by Luigids:
  • Fixed KCL bugs.
Beta 3 (seizure warning) 2022-07-26 Update by Luigids:
  • Changed starting position heights.
v2.0 2023-03-29 Updated course model, KCL and KMP.
v3.0 2024-01-17 Update by Marianne8559:
  • Fixed freezes.
  • Added minimap.
  • Added respawn points.
  • Added 24 player mode support.
  • Coins now spawn correctly in Coin Runners.
  • Fixed two missing battle finish points.
  • Fixed texture flicker on console.
  • Optimized item boxes.
  • Edited intro camera.

Known Bugs

A Slow Motion Bug occurs on console.

Custom Track Distributions

This arena is part of the following Custom Track Distributions:

  • (none)

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: SNES Hackers Arena 1
French: SNES Course du Hacker 1
German: SNES Hackers Kurs 1
Italian: SNES Percorso dell'Hacker 1
Japanese: SFC ハッカーコース1
Korean: -
Portuguese: -
Russian: -
Spanish: SNES Circuito del Hacker 1
Greek: -
Polish: -
Finnish: -
Swedish: -
Czech: -
Danish: -
By the same author: Iggy Ze Koopa

Custom Track Distribution:
Koopa Kart Wii! March 2022 - September 2023

Custom Tracks:
1st Circuit52 x 72 PixelsBeach Bark ParkLTR Boom Boom Fortress 1SNES Boom Boom Fortress 3SMG Bowser Junior Plains 1SMG Bowser Junior Plains 2SMG Bowser Junior Plains 3
SMG Bowser Junior Plains 4Bowser's DungeonChain Chomp Bark ParkChain Chomp CapeLTR Coconut MallExiteQuad ArenaGBA False Bowser's CastleGBA Iggy Castle 0
GBA Iggy Castle 1GBA Iggy Castle 4N64 Iggy TurnpikeGBA Iggy's Flying Piranhas CircusDS KoopaKids Clan SlideGCN Koopalings Colosseum IIN64 Koopalings Colosseum III
KoopaPolis Dash AKoopaPolis LoopsDS Larry's Garden ADS Larry's Garden BN64 Larry's Pumpkin ValleySNES Larry's Pumpkin Valley 2SNES Lemmy Circuit 2SNES Lemmy Circuit 3
N64 Lemmy HighwayDS LoL-8 CircuitLudo-Techno SchoolWii U Ludwig HighwayDS Ludwig PalacioN64 Ludwig TurnpikeN64 Morton Junior HighwayPiss TrackPlumber Ridge
GBA Rainbow CloudsSNES Rainbow CloudsLTR Rainbow RoadSNES RetroBike Arena 1SNES RetroBike Arena 2SNES RetroBike Arena 3Wii Roy StadiumSquare and Fair
Squeaky Clean Sprint 2SNES Troopa Ridge 3THE TRICKTime Travel ValleyW4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 1W4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 2W4 Morton's Freezed Castle Path 3
W5 Iggy's Carnivore ForestGBA Wendy's Ice WorldLTR Yoshi's Island

In-Progress Custom Tracks:
SNES Boom Boom Fortress 1

Retro Tracks:
GBA Cheep-Cheep IslandWii Daisy CircuitSNES Ghost Valley 1SNES Ghost Valley 2SNES Ghost Valley 3GBA Luigi CircuitWii Luigi CircuitGBA Mario CircuitSNES Mario Circuit 3
SNES Mario Circuit 4Wii Moonview HighwayGBA Peach CircuitDS Rainbow RoadGBA Rainbow RoadGCN Rainbow RoadSW Squeaky Clean SprintWii Wario's Gold Mine
RMX Vanilla Lake 1

Custom Battle Arenas:
SW Dragon PalaceSNES Hacker Course 1

Texture Hacks:
Acid FallsKoopaKids PinballKoopalings ColosseumKoopalings StadiumLarry CapeGBA Ludwig's Hexagonal Slide IGCN Ludwig's Hexagonal Slide II
N64 Mario LiquidwayMorton's Dumb MinePlumber HighwayN64 Thomasri PlainZa Cool Dizert

Track Edits:
SNES Boost Circuit 3SNES Boost Gorge 1SNES Boost Gorge 2SNES Boost Gorge 3Wii Boost Shroom GorgeWii Boostweegie CircuitMK8DX Daisy CircuitWii DK Hellmit
N64 DK's Jungle HellwayExiteQuad Arena TWii Grumboost VolcanoWii Hellpa CapeGBA Hellser's Castle 3KoopaPolis Dash BMK8DX Koopa CapeDS Larry's Boostden A
Wii Lava Boost MeadowsWii Lava Boost RuinsGCN Lava CircuitWii Lava CircuitWii Moonview and FuriousMK8DX Moonview HighwayMK8DX Rainbow Road
THE Invisible TrickMK8DX Waluigi StadiumGBA Wendy's Hell World

In-Progress Track Edit:
GBA Boost Rainbow Slide

In-Progress Distributions:
Koopa Kart Wii!Koopa Kart Wii! - Iggy Koopa's Challenge