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Discord: Strobenz#6999
YouTube: Strobenz

I am a former custom track creator, also known as HelloImYourMind, or simply Mind.

My best known creations are Punch City, Helado Mountain, Strobenz Desert and District 65, some of which are still cherished by the community. However, my contributions to the Mario Kart Wii community go beyond custom tracks:

  • Alongisde Vulcanus2, we set out to understand the basic functionality of KCL Type A Flag variants. Current knowledge about them is built upon what we learned back then.
  • After a discussion between the most active custom track creators of my generation, we decided that it was a good idea to request the developers of BrawlBox to allow compatibility with Mario Kart Wii files, which would let custom track creators implement vertex colors and custom texture, model, color and pattern animations to their tracks (little did we know that, years into the future, the new creators would learn how to apply shaders!) and would mark the beginning of a new era for custom tracks. I was the one who posted such request on the Brawl forums.

If you wish to update or remake one of the tracks I made before 2022 (they appear as Old Tracks in my Author Reference below), you are free to do so without asking my permission. In fact, I would probably be very happy if you did.