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Creator: Kryal, BlackJax96, libertyernie, Sammi Husky
File Formats:
Version: v0.78 Hotfix 1
Download: GitHub


BrawlBox is a tool that was designed to edit the PAC and PCS files from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is useful for adding more materials and shaders to a model, and for removing the Harry Potter Effect from a custom track that suffers from this problem. It can edit most, if not all formats that have been seen inside a BRRES file.

Since version 0.68, it has been possible to edit sounds in BRSAR files. BRSAR files contain sounds like trick, boost, and character sounds.

Since version 0.77, it has been possible to add more files to the BRSAR, both in the filesystem and in internal indices, making it possible to add more slots for music and other SFX.

If you want to know more about creating a BRRES in BrawlBox, see Creating a BRRES with BrawlBox.

If you want to know more about editing a BRRES in BrawlBox, see BrawlBox Tricks.

Source Code and Downloads

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