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This page describes the Mario Kart Wii CLR0 file format, as found in BRRES files. They are animation files that swap color.

File Format

File Header

Offset Size Description
0x00 4 The magic "CLR0" to identify the sub file. See »BRRES Sub Files« for other magics.
0x04 4 Length of the sub file.
0x08 4 Sub file version number. The number of sections (N) is dependent of this version number. See »BRRES Sub Files« for details.
0x0C 4 Offset to outer BRRES File (negative value).
0x10 N*4 N section offsets. N is implied in the version number (offset 0x08).
0x10+N*4 4 String offset to the name of this sub file. This name equal to the name of the entry name of the BRRES Index Group pointing to this data.
0x14+N*4 End of this header

File Format CLR v4

The following info describes the v4 format, it may be invalid to other versions. Although there are two section pointers, one of them is always 0 and may be unused.

CLR Header

The file header is followed by a CLR header.

offset size description
0x00 4 Padding.
0x04 2 Frame count.
0x06 2 NENTRY = number of entries of the section #0.
0x08 2 Unknown.
0x0a 2 Looping 0x00=disabled 0x01=enabled.
0x0c 4 Offset to the first frame (relative).
0x10 End of this header


The following tools can handle CLR0 files:


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