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It is possible to change the Lightning color and various other on-screen effects (such as Blooper ink or wheelie particles) through editing BREFF and BREFT files. These can all be found within files → Race → Common.szs. Extract this file using Wiimms SZS Tools to access the BREFF and BREFT files. Edit the BREFT file using BrawlBox/BrawlCrate. NOTE: While BrawlCrate can view BREFF files, it tends to not save any edits made, or corrupt the BREFF file. Therefore, edit the BREFF file using either the BREFF Editor or directly edit the hex values following documentation on the file. To recompile back into the Common.szs file, using Wiimms SZS Tools, run the CREATE command on the .d folder.

Custom Tracks:

If creating a custom track, the game will be able to read custom BREFF/BREFT files found within RKRace.breff/breft.

- Other Common.szs subfiles will not be able to be read by the game, and instead will default to the game's BREFF files (instead of those found in the track).


Create a new folder within your track directory and name it "effect". Then, create a new folder within the effect folder named "StarRing".

- Note: This tutorial assumes that you are loading your effects from the StarRing object (which is always loaded), however, it is possible to use another object, such as the leaf piles from Maple Treeway.

Within the "StarRing" folder, copy over the RKRace files, and rename these to "rk_StarRing.breff" and "rk_StarRing.breft". In BrawlCrate, make sure to rename both of these files (in the same way as renaming the MDL0 to "course"), to "rk_StarRing". Replace any textures with custom ones. For instance, if using a custom Blooper, locate and replace the "gessoSumi0" and "gessoSumi1" files, and replace them with your custom texture.

Now, move onto editing the BREFF for custom colors/particle size. Remember to click "save subfile" after changing each subfile if using the BREFF Editor. It may be difficult to find what name corresponds to what effect. The particle field typically has a textureName field that you can cross reference with the BREFT file to help locate what effect it belong to. Notably, Lightning corresponds to "rk_thunder" and similarly named files. Once finished, you can remove any texture references in the BREFT that you have not custom created. Mario Kart Wii will default to the files in the Common.szs. Once done, make sure to add the StarRing object somewhere in your track, so that the effects are loaded.