Lorenzi's KMP Editor

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Lorenzi's KMP Editor
Author: Hlorenzi
Platform: Windows, or any platform supporting Node.js and Electron from source
Programming language: JavaScript
Software type: Editor
File Formats:
Version: v0.7.4
Date of latest version: 2023-06-31
Download: GitHub


Lorenzi's KMP Editor is a KMP editor created by Hlorenzi that started in 2018. It is based on Node.js and Electron, and is available as a free GitHub project.

The editor will automatically load a course.kcl file from the same folder and will display it as 3D world with easy navigation. It can also load course_model.brres files or any other models using the Wavefront OBJ format.

Creating points, paths and forks is as easy as dragging points with the mouse – no need to set up indices or prev/next links –, and with automated height correction, this makes editing tracks a breeze.


Preview of the program in use

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v0.3 2018-05-22 First release
v0.3.1 2018-05-23 Fixed unhandled section order, enabling saved KMP files to be opened with other tools.
v0.4 2018-05-27 Added a track information editor.
v0.4.1 2018-06-28 Fixed load bug with out-of-bounds path links.
v0.4.2 2018-08-03 Some quality-of-life improvements. Mainly, fixed KMP creation from scratch (with "New") so that it is now able to be loaded back, and be loaded by other tools.
v0.5 2018-11-17
  • Added cannon point (CNPT) and battle finish point (MSPT) editors.
  • Fixed centering view on some course models with weird geometry.
v0.5.1 2019-03-25
  • Added a fog setting for better viewing of models.
  • Fixed some issues with model loading.
v0.5.2 2019-06-16 Added a new Battle Mode to Enemy Path handling, enabling correct loading and saving of battle arenas. Look for the checkbox inside the Enemy Paths menu.
v0.5.3 2022-04-11 Fixed bug in which STGI data is reset accidentally.
v0.6 2022-06-25 Update by Epik95:
  • Added new render options for start positions and respawn points.
  • The flare color can now be enabled/edited in the Track Info tab.
  • Checkpoint groups can now be created manually.
  • Fixed item points, enemy points and checkpoints being able to link to themselves.
v0.7 2022-07-24 Update by Epik95:
  • Added AREA editor.
  • Added KCL highlighting feature.
  • Lots of small user interface quality-of-life improvements.
  • Fixed bug that caused some KCL triangles to not be rendered.
  • Fixed issues with text input focus.
v0.7.1 2022-08-05 Update by Epik95:
  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Added very basic camera editor.
v0.7.2 2022-08-07 Update by Epik95:
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly prevented KMP files from loading in some cases.
  • Fixed respawn slots displaying in the wrong place.
v0.7.3 2022-08-10 Update by Epik95:
  • Fixed object settings being off by one.
v0.7.4 2023-06-31 Update by Epik95:
  • Added ability to lock movement to X, Y, and Z planes or axes.
  • Added option to disable automatic snapping to collision.
  • Modded features such as extended presence flags are no longer overwritten on save.
  • Made lots of small quality-of-life changes and bug fixes.