Obtain Original Track Files

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Obtaining the tracks files is done in 2 steps:

  1. Create a private copy of your original Mario Kart Wii DVD.
  2. Extract the tracks with a PC tool using the private image copy.

Image Copy

There are 2 general ways to create a private copy of the original Mario Kart Wii DVD:

  • Use any homebrew application (e.g. WiiXplorer, CleanRip, or any modern USB loader), which is capable of ripping original Wii games directly on your Wii. This is the fastest and recommended way.
  • Rip it with an LG drive and Raw dump 2.0 on your computer, working drives are LG-GDR8161, 8162, 8163 and 8164

Any other way to obtain a Mario Kart Wii ISO is illegal!

Extracting Tracks

The original track files must be extracted from a Mario Kart Wii disk image (ISO). There are several tools that can do this:

Dolphin (Windows)
The Windows tool allows interactivity to extract or modify files within a raw ISO image.
Wiimms ISO Tools (Linux, Mac and Windows)
The tools can list, extract, modify, compose and manipulate ISO images in different file formats (iso, ciso, wbfs, wdf, wia, fst). The tool wfuse (available for Linux and Mac) can mount images and complete WBFS-Partitions to allow browsing with any file browser.
WiiScrubber (Windows)
It's a Windows tool that allows interactivity to extract or modify files within a raw ISO image.
WiiXplorer (Wii)
It's a homebrew tool that allows for disk browsing and copying individual files/directories.