Material Tool

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Material Tool
Creator: Mewtwo2000
File Format:
Version: 1.0.4856
Video: YouTube
Download: MediaFire

Material Tool is a tool made by Mewtwo2000 that was originally meant to be used with v9 (Brawl) MDL0 files. The current version is fully compatible with v11 (Mario Kart Wii) models.

It can be used to edit the properties of the materials in MDL0 files. It can change the transparency values, fix the solid color problem caused by BrawlBox in one click, import materials from other files and more.

The most interesting feature is the ability to edit material properties in different materials at the same time, there's a list with all the materials in the model, and the edits are applied to the selected ones. Model setting up time can be reduced with this.

Another interesting feature is that you can copy the material properties from other MDL0 files, so if you have set up a previous version of your model already, and the materials are going to be the same in the new version, you only need to select all the materials in your new file, press the import button, and write the name of the old model to get the materials from.