Automated height correction

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Finding the correct height (Y coordinate) of objects and route points is important for creating a good track. Some examples:

  • Item boxes and in general all KMP objects should have the correct height, so that each driver, small or normal-sized, will reach the object.
  • The correct height of item routes is important for Bullet Bills and Red Shells.

The base algorithm is simple: raise the position of the object and let it fall until it collides with a face of the KCL.


There are four tools that will help you to find the perfect height:

  • The KMP compiler of Wiimms SZS Tools allows to enable automatic correction for some or all points of nearly all KMP sections. It was the first tool with automated height correction. Read »KCL-FALL« for details.
  • MagicY is an interactive tool, which works together with KMP Cloud. It allows fixing the height of nearly all Y coordinates.
  • KMP Modifier v3, which has a tool called Auto-Y. It will automatically find the Y position when you create or move a point.
  • Lorenzi's KMP Editor, which supports a 3D view after loading a KCL. In this case, it automatically finds the Y position when creating or moving a point.