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Creator: Jopojelly
File Format:
Version: 1.2
Download: Icedrive

MagicY is a small program for automated height correction, which works together with KMP Cloud, that is able to automatically calculate a y coordinate for Start Positions, Enemy Routes, Item Routes, Objects, Routes, Respawns, and Cannons. MagicY also works with SZS Modifier, but does not work with Objects because of a difference of column order between the two programs.

To use this program, you MUST have Python 2.7 installed on your computer. Your OBJ must be all triangles.


  1. Download the program.
  2. Run the program (Because it listens for a particular keypress, anti-virus software may warn you. Just allow the program, it is safe.)
  3. The program will prompt you for an OBJ. Select your track's model.
  4. The program will prompt you for a scale. If you don't know what this is, use 1.
  5. You will notice that the program is running because it is in the notification area.
  6. Start up KMP Cloud (or SZS Modifier), import an OBJ for a background, move items and routes where you want them in X and Z, like normal.
  7. Now, instead of meticulously finding Y values, just select the row and push ctrl-y on the keyboard...
  8. and the Y coordinate will be updated!
  9. and keep selecting rows and then pushing ctrl-y!
  10. Change all the Y coordinates that you want. Should work on all of them except AREA and camera. Close the program by right clicking the icon. Restart the program to switch courses to work on.

There are also some other tools for automated height correction.

By the same author: Jopojelly


Custom Tracks:
Zelda TP Kakariko Village