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wkmpt[1] is a tool of Wiimms SZS Tools and DRAW[2] a command of the tool. The command loads the related KCL file and draws different KMP objects into the 3D world. Option --draw=keywords[3] controls the operation.

After drawing the 3D world is exported as Wavefront OBJ file[4], which can be loaded and viewed by many 3D tools and viewers. A review of a so generated 3D world is very good for a track review and helps to find bugs! This article gives you an introduction.

Before tool version v1.29a, the command was named wkmpt COBJECT (Create OBJECT). But now it was renamed to the more intuitive name wkmpt DRAW. The old command name can still be used.

Creating the object file

The syntax of the command is very easy:

wkmpt draw MYTRACK.szs --draw=KEYWORDS --dest=FILE --overwrite --kcl=KEYWORDS
# or
wkmpt draw course.kmp --draw=KEYWORDS --dest=FILE --overwrite --kcl=KEYWORDS

All options are optional (not needed), but control the execution.

The name of the tool.
A command of tool wkmpt.
Your track file as SZS.
Your KMP file. This command looks for course.kcl to get the KCL data.
Decision what to draw. See SZS Homepage for details.
(short: -d FILE) Optional: If set, write the result to FILE.*. If not set, write it to MYTRACK.szs.* (first command) or course.kmp.* (second command).
(short: -o) Optional: If set, the tools overwrite existing files.
Optional: Modes how to read the KCL and how to create the object file. Recommended is the usage of mode DROP to create an object file without invalid triangles.

The commands above will create 2 files: A *.obj file and a *.mtl file: The first is the object file and the second the related material file.


Top view of Peach Garden

The first example is a non perspective top view of Peach Gardens with check points, enemy routes and objects incl. their routes. It was created with:

wkmpt draw old_garden_ds.szs --draw kcl,ckpt,enpt,objects

and viewed with 3ds Max (no shadows, unique colors).

Perspective view of Grumble Volcano

The second example shows a part of Grumble Volcano as perspective view, again with check points and enemy routes. It was created with:

wkmpt draw volcano_course.szs --draw kcl,ckpt,enpt

If you watch out the checkpoints, it's very easy to detect the missing mandatory check point (dark blue gates) as reason for the well-known Ultra Shortcut.

Top view of DK Summit

The third example shows a part of DK Summit as non perspective top view. It shows the cannon, the check points, the respawn points and the relation between check and respawn points. It was created with:

wkmpt draw boardcross_course.szs --draw -enpt,-itpt

--draw -enpt,-itpt means: Draw all, but not enemy and item routes. Again, it is a screenshot from 3ds Max.

More Examples

Here is a list with more examples scattered on the Wiiki:

See also: Category:wkmpt Draw


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