Wiimm's Tool Manager

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Wiimm's Tool Manager
Creator: Suigetsu
Designer: Wiimm
Version: r18
Date of latest version: 2014-02-26
Editors used:


This is a simple GUI written by Suigetsu. The programming language is C#. It has a nice interface, and has a lot of features. It can create a new SZS file from a folder, decompress one, apply regions to StaticR.rel and many more features.

Planned Update

Currently, the code is very messy and unfinished. Suigetsu plans to rewrite the code in to a more usable state.


Version History

Version Information
r12 Initial release.
r13 New features
r14 New features
  • Added a feature for decompressing SZS files to U8
  • Added a StaticR.rel analyser
  • Added new check options (KCL, WU8, U8, BRRES)
  • Quickened download process for Wiimms SZS Tools
r15 New feature
  • Added an image converter → PNG to BREFT, BTI, TEX0, TPL with RGBA32/RGBA8 palettes
r16 New features
  • Added a scaling and rotation option for SZS files
r17 New features
  • Added a KCL Manager → Create flag files, view/edit them and encode OBJ files.
  • Added button for downloading Wiimms ISO Tools
  • Added Remove AIParam button → Remove AIParam, a file(s) controlling speed of computer players
r18 New features
  • Added Lap Modifier Editor
  • Added a Text-Based KMP Modifier
  • Added a Batch Script Editor/Creator
  • Added BMG Editor/Creator


By the same author: Suigetsu

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Toad TownGCN Tilt-a-KartDS Nintendo DS Beta

Edited Tracks:
WaterwayGBA Broken PierASDF_Course


Wiimm's Tool Manager