Harry Potter Effect

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The Harry Potter Effect is a texturing glitch that appears in many custom tracks created with the BRRES Editor. It was named after Harry Potter's invisibility cloak; it was not invisible, but it covered what was behind it.

This glitch occurs if transparent polygons in the BRRES file appear before normal ones. The previous polygon will always appear on top of the latter one, even if it is transparent.


A preview of the effect on GCN Sherbet Land (Tock)


This problem can be fixed by using BrawlBox. Check this section for more information.

Make sure that, in the texture reference under each material, Scale is set to to (1,1) and Translation to (0,0). This will avoid your texture from becoming a solid color in game. Repeat the step with each material.

Anti-Harry Potter Effect

If this or some other glitch occurs after fixing your BRRES file in BrawlBox, you probably unintentionally changed another setting.

In this screenshot, the "DepthFunction" setting of the red wall was mistakenly set to "Greater" instead of "Less or Equal" like normal.

A preview of the anti-effect on Sunset Ridge (Vulcanus2 & BigOto2)