Strobenz Desert II

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This article is about the newer version. For the older version of this custom track, see Strobenz Desert.
Strobenz Desert II
Author: Strobenz
Version: v2.2-hotfix
Date of latest version: 2020-04-27
Editors used: 3ds Max, BrawlBox, CTools, KMP Cloud, Paint.NET, SketchUp, SZS Modifier
WBZ files:
Download: Icedrive


Strobenz Desert II is a custom track created by Strobenz. This is the successor to Strobenz Desert, featuring an entirely different layout. It later became one of the author's most popular tracks alongside District 65.


v2.2 VS Race
v2.0 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v2.0 2014-05-22 First release
v2.0.mka 2014-11-11 Update by an unknown author:
v2.0.boost 2015-04-18 Update by PhillyG:
  • Changed road collision to boost.
  • Changed lap modifier from three to two.
v2.1 2015-04-18 Update by Torran:
  • Fixed "everyone in first" bug.
v2.2 2015-05-25 Update by SpyKid:
  • Fixed endless respawn point.
v2.2.hp1 2015-12-18 Update by PhillyG:
  • Removed some objects and unused files.
v2.2.hp2 2016-12-18 Update by PhillyG:
  • Removed an unused file. 2017-07-04 Update by aplumafreak500:
  • Added missing files.
v2.2-hotfix 2020-04-27 Update by PeachKia52250vr:
  • Fixed Bullet Bill freeze.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Strobenz-Woestijn II
French: Désert Strobenz II
German: Strobenz-Wüste II
Italian: Deserto Strobenz II
Japanese: ストロベンズさばくII
Korean: 스토로벤즈 사막 II
Portuguese: Deserto Strobenz II
Russian: Пустыня Стробенза II
Spanish: Desierto Strobenz II
Greek: Έρημος Στροβένζ II
Polish: Pustynia Strobenza II
Finnish: Strobenz-aavikko II
Swedish: Strobenzöknen II
Czech: Poušť Strobenz II
Danish: Strobenz-ørkenen II