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Hi, I'm ArcticLuma113 (formerly APLumaFreak500). I started playing on Wiimmfi around June 2015, and created my first Custom Track Distribution, Luma's CT Pack, in October 2015, with v1.0 released in May 2016, in time for the 2nd anniversary of Wiimmfi.

Openhost FC

4902-2639-6963 (on hiatus from Wiimmfi until further notice, effective August 2017)

Current Projects

Luma's Music Pack

Below is a public copy of my personal music pack. I'll try to keep it at least somewhat updated.

You can see the song listing for an upcoming update here.

My Contributions

By the same author: aplumafreak500

YouTube Channel
Custom Track Edits:
Codename: BIGBOX v2.7
Countdown WorldwideLuma's CT PackLuma's Music PackPro CT Pack v5.0