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Since version 1.23a, Wiimms SZS Tools supports the CT-CODE extension. CT-CODE was developed by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz for CTGP Revolution. The name CT-CODE was created by Wiimm.

This article describes how to modify an original copy of Mario Kart Wii to support up to 216 custom tracks in only one custom track distribution. At the beginning, only some commands are described.

Patching main.dol

The file main.dol (found in directory files/sys/) must be extended with CT-CODE. The following command does it for the PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J versions:

wstrt patch --add-ctcode main.dol

It only needs to be done once, and the results are main.dol files that are identical to the files of CTGP Revolution v1.02. The advantage of patching is that there is no need to distribute copyrighted software.

Defining the Online Region

The region for online racing is defined by:

wstrt patch --region=NUMBER StaticR.rel

NUMBER is the region number. It can be entered as a decimal number (e.g. 123) or as hexadecimal number with prefix (e.g. 0x7b). To avoid region conflicts, consult Custom Track Regions.

Creating STRAP files

Before v1.39a (2015-03-27), the strap file (SZS) must be created in two steps. Since v1.39a, the tools can create directly a SZS or BRRES file that includes all needed pictures and the CT-CODE.

The SZS file is created by one of the following commands:

wctct create eu-szs ctcode.txt --images image_dir -od strap-eu.szs
wctct create us-szs ctcode.txt --images image_dir -od strap-us.szs
wctct create jp-szs ctcode.txt --images image_dir -od strap-jp.szs

The only difference is the supported disc type (PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J).

The directory image_dir is searched for the eight images:

  • strapA_16_9_832x456
  • strapA_608x456
  • strapB_16_9_832x456
  • strapB_608x456
  • strapC_832x456
  • strapC_608x456
  • strapD_832x456
  • strapD_608x456 (relevant image)

All images are internally converted into the format TEX0.RGB565. Each image is searched with four different file extensions in this order: .png, .tex, .tex0, and without an extension. If an image is missed, an internal template is used.

However, the only important image is strapD_608x456 because all other images are not shown or only on a CT-CODE loading error.

Old Method (Before v1.39a)

First, you need a CTGP Revolution conforming strap file. The easiest way is to use the provided template. It contains extracted strap.d files.

In the sub-directory strap.d/Textures(NW4R)/, you will find the file CT_CODE (see below) and eight pictures. The pictures are stored as TEX0 and PNG files. You must at least edit the image strapD_832x456.png to define your setup screen. Use any image tool for it.

The CT-CODE is created by one of the following commands:

wctct create eu-tex ctcode.txt -od "strap.d/Textures(NW4R)/CTGP_CODE"
wctct create us-tex ctcode.txt -od "strap.d/Textures(NW4R)/CTGP_CODE"
wctct create jp-tex ctcode.txt -od "strap.d/Textures(NW4R)/CTGP_CODE"

The difference is only the supported disc type (PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J).

Finally, you must create the new strap file:

wszst create strap.d --overwrite

The file name of the new strap file is strap.szs. Replace all strap files found in ./files/Boot/Strap/ by the new file.

Visual Effect on Track Selection


To get the custom menu layout system that CTGP uses, it requires a specially modified MenuSingle.szs file that has modified the track selection screen to have the arrows. A download to Variety Pack's MenuSingle can be found here.

Cup Icons

To make your own cup icons, you need to make each icon 128 x 128 pixels and have all of them in a file called ct_icons.tpl, which is found in the MenuSingle.szs file in button/timg and control/timg. Both directories need to have been modified to get the cup icons working. Use Variety Pack's one as a base, convert it into a PNG file and edit it in an image editing software, then convert it back.


You can find a template file at the SZS tools site: CT-CODE.zip

It contains: