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This article is about the types of software that are recommended to be used. For the tutorial on how to use these types of software, see Modeling with 3D Editor.


This page gives you an overview of software that have 3D modeling, animation and rendering capabilities for making custom tracks.

Autodesk 3ds Max

3ds Max is a program for Windows and distributed by Autodesk. This 3D modeling software is commonly used in the game and animation industry, but it is expensive. A free version is available for students.


Autodesk Maya

Maya is a program for Windows, macOS, and Linux and is also distributed by Autodesk. Much like 3ds Max, it is commonly used in the game and animation industry, and it is also expensive. Maya has a similar workspace to 3ds Max. Students are able to receive a free version.



Blender is a free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.


Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a modeling software developed by Maxon Computer GmbH and it supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.



SketchUp (formerly known as Google SketchUp) is a free modeling program developed by Google, and later Trimble Inc. The DAE exporter might not be compatible with BrawlBox, so a converter or another 3D editor might be needed. There are many other user-made plugins available that can expand the functionality of the free version of SketchUp. It is recommended to not use the browser version of SketchUp and instead use SketchUp 2017 or earlier.