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Avatar: PeachKia52250vr's Profile Picture.jpeg
Birthdate: 1999-04-15
Age 25
YouTube: PeachKia
Discord: peachkia

About Me

Hello, I am PeachKia52250vr, also known as PeachKia on Mario Kart Wii and YouTube. Lately, I chose to retire in July 2023 from making or working on Mario Kart Wii modifications for now due to how busy I have been in recent times.


If you're to update any of my mods, you MUST ask for permission immediately before touching them. I will request deletion of your edits to my mods if you don't get permission.


Mods I created
Mod Type Initial release date Current version Notes Update(s) planned?
2-Lap Kart Wii Custom Track Distribution 2021-09-12 v1.0 It is a distribution that only contains tracks that are two laps.
1-Lap Kart Wii Custom Track Distribution 2021-07-18 v1.3 It is a distribution that only contains tracks that are long and at one lap.
Inside the Darkcatcher Texture Hack 2021-04-01 v1.0.april My first April Fools mod.
Inside the Dreambow Texture Hack 2021-02-13 v1.0b My first mod I made. It is a texture hack of Inside the Dreamcatcher and it took some inspiration from River of Rainbows, Color Dimension and Disco Fever.
By the same author: PeachKia52250vr

Custom Track Updates:

Alternative Updates:
Black LoopHorror MansionIllusion CanyonParadoxic WorldwayRocrygma MinesSea StadiumSpace RoadWario's Lair

Texture Hack:
Inside the Dreambow

April Fools' Releases:
Inside the Darkcatcher

Cuberluigi CT Pack

1-Lap Kart Wii2-Lap Kart Wii