Skill Issue Pack

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Skill Issue Pack
Author: Melg, Raptor
Type: Riivolution
Tracks: 144
Version: v1.1
Date of latest version: 2022-09-11
Download: Google Drive
Discord server: Skill Issue Pack
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Skill Issue Pack is a custom track distribution created by Melg and Raptor. It is focused on custom tracks that are very challenging to drive and/or have weird geometry. The goal is to create a unique experience where navigating the track is the main obstacle. It contains 144 tracks.

This distribution comes with a host of features, the full list of which can be found below. Amongst the most important ones:

  • Upon starting a race in all modes but Time Trials, the track name and its creators will be displayed until the countdown appears. Melg felt that there was a great lack of crediting when it comes to distributions and created this new screen element to remedy that.
  • Outside-drifting vehicles' speed has been buffed by a small percentage. This was mainly done to counteract how difficult most of the maps are for these vehicles.
  • Karts can now perform ultra mini-turbos, which are longer than normal super mini-turbos, and appear purple. From the moment you release an ultra mini-turbo and until you run out of boost (from any source), all mini-turbos will speed you up more than normal mini-turbos.
  • CTGP's 200cc replaces 100cc. The 100cc/150cc/Mirror Mode split is 10/65/25%. Moreover, all online BMG references to which engine class the next race will be in have been removed.
  • The code features two new buttons on the VR screen. "Change Combo" functions very similarly to MrBean35000vr's Change Character/Vehicle In Between Races Online, but it has been recreated to work in friend rooms. "Randomize Combo" will pick your character and vehicle randomly.
  • Team VS mode has been changed to remove all team specific item behaviors; for example, Lightning will affect everyone and Blue Shells will target first place regardless of their team.


  • Treeki, for their Kamek C++ and PowerPC Assembly code injection engine.
  • Every coder mentioned in the table below along with kHacker35000vr, Seeky and stebler, for some documentation.
  • Cotni, Silverr and Mikul, for their help in fixing some tracks.
  • Brawlboxgaming, for helping with the title screen.


Currently no media


The track listing can be found here.


Game Features
Feature Author Information
LE-CODE Leseratte A code extension to Mario Kart Wii that allows more than 32 racing tracks.
Boot Directly into Wiimmfi Melg A Riivolution setting that allows players to boot directly into the main Wiimmfi menu on the license of their choice.
In-Game Settings Menu Melg You can change your game settings by going into the options menu or by clicking the settings button on the main Wiimmfi menu.
Change or Randomize Combo Between Races Melg Two buttons have been added to the VR screen, which allow you to change or randomize your combo for the next race. This works in all online modes.
Speedometer Melg A custom speedometer that adds Moving Terrain velocity to the engine speed, in order to provide a more accurate measurement of momentum. The km/h TPL file was made by Syara.
CT Info Display Melg Upon starting a race in all modes but Time Trials, the track name and its creators will be displayed until the countdown appears.
200cc MrBean35000vr, stebler, _tZ A recreation of CTGP's 200cc code. The code was adapted to replace 100cc.
Ultra Mini-Turbos Melg Karts can now charge a third mini-turbo stage after getting a super mini-turbo. These purple mini-turbos last longer, and as long as you are boosting, make all of your mini-turbos faster. They come with custom BREFF effects.
Outside Drifting Vehicles Speed Buff Melg A simple percantage buff to the speed of all outside drifting vehicles (3% for karts, 5% for outside-drifting bikes) in order to make them more competitive.
Mega Thunder Clouds _tZ, Atlas When a Thunder Cloud strikes you, you will have a Mega Mushroom effect rather than shrinking. The code is made by _tZ and the custom model is made by Atlas.
Feather Item CLF78, stebler The Blooper is replaced with the Feather, which lets you trick off the ground and jump high in the air. Additional features are included, such as disabling invisible walls and fast falling while in the air.
BRSAR Entry Size Patch Elias_ On the fly, BRSAR entry sizes are patched to the maximum, so that BRSTM files and sounds effects do not cut off mid-race.
Load BRSTM Volume from BRSTM MrBean35000vr, Melg An improvement of MrBean35000vr's initial code, you can edit byte 0x3F of any BRSTMs from 0x0 to 0x7F (127 in hexadecimal, the maximum volume) to change its volume.
Conditional BRSTM Channel Switch Melg If a track has sound triggers that would require the BRSTM to have multiple channels, the game first checks if the currently playing BRSTM has enough channels, and if it does not, skips the channel switch.
Track Music Speedup on Final Lap Melg, CLF78 If the in-game setting is set to enabled, when you reach the final lap, the currently playing BRSTM will speed up over five seconds instead of switching to the fast lap _F version.
Battle Glitch XeR If the in-game setting is set to enabled, this increases the maximum distance from which you can see other players' names without the need to play on Battle Mode.
Fast Menus east, Melg An adaption of east's code. If the in-game setting is set to enabled, menu navigation will be much faster.
Mii Heads On Minimap JoshuaMK If the in-game setting is set to enabled, character icons are replaced by Mii heads on the minimap.
Remove Team Invulnerability Melg Team VS mode has been changed to remove all team specific item behaviors; for example, Lightning will affect everyone and Blue Shells will target first place regardless of their team.
Show Everyone's Times After Race Melg Shows everyone's completion times in VS races (both online and offline) and in Worldwide races.
No Disconnect [WP]Bully You will never disconnect from being idle.
Unlock Everything Without Save _tZ This code gives you the effects of having everything unlocked even though you have not fulfilled the requirements to unlock all. You can still unlock karts/bikes.
Remove Worldwide Button Melg The Worldwide button on the main Wiimmfi menu has been removed.
Mario Kart Channel Button Sends to Riivolution Kazuki, Vega, Brawlboxgaming The Mario Kart Channel button will now send you back to Riivolution. This code was ported to C++ and improved by Brawlboxgaming to include fallbacks: in case the Riivolution launch fails, the game will launch the Homebrew Channel, and if that also fails, the Wii Menu.
Custom Server Support Wiimm, Leseratte Support to play on a custom Mario Kart Wii server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC. It comes with a custom region so that Regional/Continental races work.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2022-09-10 First release
v1.1 2022-09-11
  • Added, removed and updated some tracks.
  • Fixed Fast Falling not working in 200cc.
  • Fixed some slots loading the wrong tracks.
  • Increased LE-CODE's track blocking to 16.
By the same author: Melg