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SZS Modifier
Creator: Chadderz
File Formats:
Download: ChadSoft


SZS Modifier is a program created by Chadderz. It was the first program used to create Mario Kart Wii texture hacks, and eventually, custom tracks. However, it has long been rendered obsolete by more modern programs that can perform its functions and even outperform them, such as RiiStudio, RANWr, Lorenzi's KMP Editor, and BrawlCrate.


SZS Modifier has various features to enable editing Mario Kart Wii and other Wii games that use similar files. The program has editors for BMG files, KCL files, KMP files, BRRES files and U8 files. It has a USB Gecko connection feature to allow editing of courses in the Wii's memory (last known version which works with the USB Gecko is It also used to have links to the SFP Server to allow the distribution of custom tracks.


old_mario_64.szs opened with SZS Modifier

In the picture, you can see the way that SZS Modifier displays the files, which is in a file tree view. The SZS file shown contains a KCL file, a KMP file, multiple BRRES files, and a some other types of files that aren't currenly editable by the program. Selecting one of those or one of the editable files while holding CTRL displays a hex viewer.

  • The "File" menu has the options that every File menu has: Open, Save, Save As, and Exit.
  • The "Patches" menu has options related to SFP patches: create one from the currenly open file, apply one to the currenly open file, upload a ptach to the server and browse the server, where it's possible to download patches made by other people. The SFP server is no longer available.
  • The "USB Gecko" menu has only one option, which is the one to connect the program to the USB Gecko. It's grayed if there isn't any detected.
  • The "View" menu has the option to view the status bar on the lower section of the screen, which shows if the Patch Server is online.
  • The "Tools" menu has the "Options" menu. It lets you choose if the file compression is either fast or produces a small file, and it lets you choose the language (avaliable languages are English, Spanish and German).
  • The "Help" menu shows an about box, with credits, descriptions and copyrights.

New KMPItems.xml

Wiimm has created a new KMPItems.xml (last update 2012-03-05). It contains a list of all known object names and also hints about needed files (see flags below). To install, copy the file to C:\Program Files\Chadsoft\SZS Modifier\ and overwrite the existing file KMPItems.xml.

  • B: BRRES file needed or supported.
  • E: Effect files (BREFF and BREFT pair) needed or supported.
  • D: BRASD file needed or supported.
  • K: KCL file needed or supported.
  • A number before a letter is a multiplicator.
  • ?: No related file found. The question mark appears for object, that are not used by any track.

Name examples:

new name              comment
sound_volcano         no files used
ice(B)                1 BRRES file used
pochaMori(E)          1 effect files (pair with BREFF+BREFT) used
cow(B7D)              1 BRRES file and 7 BRASD files used
FlamePole(BEK)        1 BRRES, 1 effect pair and 1 KCL file used
woodbox(BE)           1 BRRES + 1 effect pair used
heyho2(2B)            2 BRRES files used
w_itemboxline(3B2E)   3 BRRES files + 2 effect pairs used

Wiimms KMP Object Query will give more details about the used files.

New KCLFlags.xml

Skipper93653 has created an update for KCLFlags.xml (last update 2018-03-08). It updates the file to include all known KCL flag names at the moment. To install, download the XML from the previous link and replace the old KCLFlags.xml in C:\Program Files (x86)\ChadSoft\SZS Modifier with the new version.