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CTools Pack
Creator: Chadderz
File Formats:
Version: v1.00.0008
Download: ChadSoft


The CTools Pack is a series of programs created by Chadderz to enable the editing of Mario Kart Wii's files and similar files. The program is no longer under development.


The programs of the CTools pack are linked together with the CTools library dll, which provides features for checking for updates, and managing the programs.

SZS Explorer

The SZS explorer has the ability to change and expand the structure of SZS files and the files within U8 files.

BMG Editor

The BMG editor is the second tool to be released in the pack, and it allows the user to edit and expand BMG files.

TPL Editor

The TPL editor is a tool to allow modification of TPL and BTI images. It was added in version 1.00.0005.

BRRES Editor

The BRRES editor has the ability to change and expand the structure of BRRES files, including the models and textures. In order to create models, users can now create a new BRRES file, and then use the File>Import>Wavefront OBJ button to import a .obj model. These models can be generated by many different programs. The user then has options of how to import the model, and whether or not to prepare it for use as a course or a map model. In order to replace an object, for example dokan_sfc.brres, the name of the model file within 3DModels(NW4R) must match the name of the model in the file it replaced, in this case dokan_sfc.

KCL Editor

The KCL file editor allows the creation of expanded KCL files. It is very buggy.

KMP Editor (announced)

The official CTools version of the KMP editor was planned to have the ability to change and expand the structure of KMP files. It was intended be integrated with the BRRES editor. Other programs, such as KMP Modifier by kHacker35000vr and KMP Cloud by Vulcanus2, were released with the ability expand and edit KMP files.

Version History

An old version of the source code is available at http://code.google.com/p/ctoolswii/.